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Angela Walker

Group Facilitator

"My mission is to nurture, validate, educate, and empower birthparents and families to seek out and receive the supports they deserve."

Helping people has always given Angela Walker a sense of deep joy and satisfaction.


Her approach to supporting parents is actively listening, validating, and offering appropriate resources that have evidence based results.


Angela's goal is to ensure that parents know that their feelings are important, normal, and that they are never alone!

Angela Walker was born and raised in a small rural Ohio town. She moved to Maryland to start her career in Education, where she met her partner, and birthed her daughter. She enjoys sports, music, art, reading, and the great outdoors.

She always hopes for snowy winters, and has dreams to one day obtain a Master's Degree in Social Work, in order to continue her passion of advocating for proper perinatal care.


  • Adult, Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED with American Red Cross

  • Basics of Lactation Management with Lactation Education Resources

  • DONA Postpartum Doula Training Certificate with Marcia Thuermer


  • Postpartum Support International Volunteer Coordinator: listening to, validating, and guiding callers to the resources they need.

  • Mom of one: Strong desire to help other birthparents after struggling through postpartum with little to no personal support. 

  • Certified elementary school teacher, turned trained postpartum doula, after experiencing and seeing the high need for proper postpartum support.

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