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Cara Crowe

Cara Crowe

Birth + Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor

"I feel honored to assist you and your family during this special rite of passage."

Cara Crowe is a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator. She has been working in the DC Area for 11 years, and a doula for 21 while raising her 4 children.


Since 2000, she has attended over 700 births and supported many of these families in the postpartum. Prior to birthwork, Cara studied Anthropology at James Madison University and Naturopathy at Clayton College.  

She has chased her passion by continuing training in lactation, yoga and energetic healing modalities. Cara feels that her work as a doula really weaves together her love of her healing work and her nurturing spirit. 

Cara has a calm, nurturing presence, ready to bring light humor to any situation and a non-judgmental, compassionate approach in her support.

Cara is now taking appointments for Birth Doula Support, Postpartum Support & Lactation Consultation.  She is eager to meet you and to support you in this amazing life transition!


  • Certified Birth Doula by DONA International

  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Lactation Counselor


  • Has attended over 700 births!

  • Serves as Womb Room Doula Coordinator

  • Mother of four <3

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Cara Crowe's Doula Services:

Cara's Doula Services

Birth Doula Services

Our Doulas will support you before, during, and after your birth!


Hire Cara to help you plan your birth in detail, and to prepare you for your journey, or to support you along the way with Pregnancy Support. For Labor & Birth Support, Virtual and In-Person Doula Birth packages include:

  • 1.5 hour prenatal planning meeting in your home, via Zoom, or at the studio

  • 1 in-home postpartum visit for initial breastfeeding support and birth processing

  • On Call Phone or Email Support throughout your pregnancy and 6-weeks postpartum

  • Monthly support groups at the studio to relate to others on the physical and emotional experience of pregnancy

  • Access to Free Prenatal Yoga Classes, and Free Pregnancy Support Circle

Birth Doula Packages include:

  • Birth Planning

  • Pregnancy Support

  • Virtual or In-Person Birth Support

  • Holistic Doula Packages - Includes Unlimited Childbirth Education & Yoga Classes, + 1 Lactation Support Session


Postpartum Doula Services

Including Cara in your Postpartum Support Team means receiving daytime or overnight help to keep your household running smoothly.  Postpartum Doulas help with:

  • Holding & Feeding the baby

  • Supporting the baby's sleep schedule

  • Household tasks - laundry, dishes, cooking

  • Running basic errands for the family

  • Supporting the birthing parents in accessing resources, such as lactation or mental health support

  • and more!

Packages range from 4-150+ hours, from $40/hour+. Reach out to receive your custom quote today!

Lactation Counselor Services

We welcome all parents at every step of their lactation & feeding journey to find the support, knowledge, and community that they need.

Cara Crowe is a certified Lactation Counselor in Annapolis, Maryland, who serves Baltimore, DC, and online. 

Sessions are up to 90-minutes online or in-person, depending on your needs, preferences, and location.


Follow-up is offered through additional sessions, email, text, or phone, based on individual needs.

Lactation Support Options:

Virtual Lactation Consultant Session - $199

Up to 90 Minutes of face-to-face, online lactation support.



In-Home Lactation Consultant Session in Baltimore, MD, Southern PA & DC - $299

For advanced support, more than one session or a session bundle is recommended. You can apply your first session towards the bundle price if it is determined more support is needed.


Advanced Lactation Consultation Bundle - $449-549

  • Lactation & Feeding Class ( $125 Value)

  • Two 1-on-1 Sessions with Lactation Consultant, in-person or Virtually

$449 for 2 online sessions, or $549 for 1 in-person and 1 online session.

Email us for assistance with selecting your services: Lactation@WombRoom.Mom.

Contact Cara Crowe

Contact me at Doulas@WombRoom.Mom or below!

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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