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Birth Community Outreach Coordinator

The Womb Room is hiring a Community Outreach Coordinator to share information, inspiration, and services that support birthing families' needs.



The Womb Room is a perinatal wellness center in Baltimore that helps moms and birthing families, in person and online through WombRoom.Mom


TWR exists to assist parents through each step of their journey, providing community and support in groups, education, yoga, therapy, doulas, lactation, and more.


In order to continue to grow our audience, TWR is looking to hire a positive, creative, motivated Community Outreach Coordinator who is passionate about the birth world, a conscientious communicator, and eager to help people.

This is an opportunity for a passionate birth worker to reach and grow an audience.

  • You might be a childbirth educator, or birth specialist, looking for a part time opportunity?

  • Maybe you are a Mom looking for unique yoga marketing jobs, or a social media yoga job?

  • Perhaps you are seeking remote doula employment, or flexible travel doula jobs?


Serve & Grow our Community online!

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Community Outreach Coordinator Position Description


You are the primary person responsible for communicating to our online and local community.


The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for planning and sharing information, happenings, updates, and promotions on social media and in email newsletters.

Here are the ways that we are reaching out to the community regularly:

  • Social Media - Post to Instagram, Facebook, and Google Business profile.

  • Community Interaction - Encourage and interacting with comments on social media, as well as commenting on other posts, and sharing our content in relevant social groups or through relevant aligned pages.

  • Email Newsletter - Send out a weekly email with useful info and promos.

  • Email Outreach - Reach out to segments to follow up with specific classes, etc., to inform of specials, events, surveys, etc.

  • Community Events - Coordinate, promote, and manage online or in-person events and opportunities to represent TWR. 

  • Press Outreach - Reach podcasts, blogs, channels, and press to generate interviews and opportunities to share about TWR.

  • Partner Outreach - Reach out to partners to make connections and ask for referrals.


As a rough estimate, about 50% of your time will be creating, scheduling, and interacting with posts on social media. About 25% of your time will be for email marketing, and the remaining 25% is for meetings and everything else.


You will receive direct support from the Marketing Director, and collaborate with TWR Owner to generate content, strategy, promotional ideas and priorities, to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and to consider improvements.




$20 per hour.


Starting at 20-30 hours per month.


This is $400-600 per month, for a part-time, remote position that you can do on your own schedule.


This position will grow overtime, depending on the success of the business.


Additional opportunities may be offered over time as the community grows!


Position Details:

This is a remote, Independent Contractor position.


You will work from your own home office, or place of choice. Must have high speed internet connection. TWR is located in Baltimore so living locally is a plus, however this position is open to anyone in the country, preferably in the EST.


Starting date for this position is asap, however we can wait for the right person. Ideal candidates will be interested in committing to this role for 2+ years.


Experience, Characteristics, & Skills:




  1. Birth Worker - or similar background (prenatal yoga instructor, childbirth educator, doula, midwife, maternal mental health therapist, birth specialist, etc.)

  2. Passionate Advocate - passionate about birth and helping parents.

  3. Effective Communicator - great at communicating factual, conscientious, interesting, and empowering messages to generate interest and action.

  4. Positive Energy - outgoing, energetic, motivated, insightful, helpful, kind.

  5. Social Experience - comfortable on social media platforms.

  6. Remote Operator - effective planning and completing your work on time, driven mostly by your own motivation, direction, and expertise. We will not be holding your hand.



  • Marketing 

  • Social Media Management

  • Writing 

  • Email Marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography, Video Editing

  • Community Engagement, networking, partnerships, PR

  • Teaching, presenting, public speaking




Apply for the Community Outreach Coordinator here.


Please include a cover letter explaining why you are interested in working with The Womb Room, and why you believe you are a great fit for this position. Please include writing and social media examples from your work, if available.

Email: Support@WombRoom.Mom with any questions. Thank you!


Remote, from your home office. In or near Baltimore, Maryland is a bonus.




Paid $20 per Hour.


Flexible to fit your schedule.

​Why Work for The Womb Room?

  • Holistic approach to maternal and family wellness.

  • Professional services offered with high, consistent quality.

  • Opportunities to work from home and/or in-person.

  • Commitment to prioritizing work conditions that support families, including flexible scheduling, etc.

  • Commitment to providing services that benefit diverse communities, including free & affordable resources.

  • Being part of an organization that is growing & thriving!

  • Operating as a non-exclusive Independent Contractor.

  • Staff discounts on all offerings & products.

  • Access to communication and technology tools.

  • Opportunities for career growth and development through consultations and trainings.

  • Being part of a team of talented birthworkers for support & camaraderie!

  • Born in Baltimore, MD, and expanding online!

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