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Birth Community Support Coordinator

The Womb Room is hiring a Community Support Coordinator to provide support to clients by answering and responding to calls, messages, emails and more.

Join our team as our Community Support Coordinator!


The Womb Room is Baltimore's Perinatal Wellness Center that helps Moms and birthing families, in-person and online. 


TWR exists to assist parents through each step of their reproductive journey, providing community and support in groups, education, yoga, therapy, doulas, lactation, sleep support and more.


In order to continue to serve our growing audience, TWR is looking to hire a positive, caring, motivated Community Support Coordinator who is passionate about the birth world, a conscientious communicator, and eager to help people as they grow their families.

This is an opportunity for a passionate birth worker to make sure families are matched with the support they need.

  • You are a childbirth educator, doula, therapist, or birth specialist looking for a worthwhile job opportunity.

  • You are looking for a remote part-time opportunity that you can grow with, and that can grow into more.

  • You have excellent communication and customer support skills, are well organized, and a team player.

Business Owner
Working from Home

Community Support Coordinator Position Description


The Support Coordinator is responsible for answering and directing emails, calls, and messages from clients or potential clients to support them with their needs and to match them with the services they are looking for. 


You will receive direct support from TWR Owner, and collaborate together to generate FAQs, automated emails, support policies, and so on to improve the quality and efficiency of our client support. 

Here are the ways that people reach out to us:


  • Emails - Answer as many emails as possible, or forward to professionals.

  • Calls - Take live calls to support clients, and respond to voicemails.

  • Chats - Respond to live website chats as possible, or reply as email.

  • Messages - Answer social media messages, directing them to email/call.


Clients may request help with the following:


  • Matching - people are looking to understand which services are best for them.

  • Connecting - some people are looking to reach a specific Provider.

  • Details - people want to know or confirm some details of our services.

  • Issues - people may need directions, have feedback, request a refund, etc. 

  • Invoice - if interested in purchasing, some will need a digital invoice or link.

  • Concierge - when packages are booked, connect to make sure client is set up.

  • Gifts - people may need help purchasing, sending, or using a gift card.


Additional responsibilities of this position include:


  • Strategy - Support is a core value to TWR. Consider your position part of our core strategic team. We want you to be looking to improve the quality of care we provide to our clients, from your experience, the feedback you receive, things you notice, and want to try. Your voice and input is appreciated and will be valued.

  • Communications -  Communications with staff of the TWR will take place through Slack, email, text, zoom calls, and sometimes in-person meetings.

  • Celebrations - We like to have fun and support each other as well! About once per quarter you will coordinate and help facilitate a virtual or in-person gathering with professionals working for TWR. This is an opportunity for the Support Coordinator and everyone on the staff to get more familiar with everyone’s specialties and interests.



$20 per hour.


Starting at 15-25 hours per month. More hours and opportunities may become available as the business grows.


$300-500 per month to start.


Part-time, remote position, that you can do on your own schedule, as long as responsibilities are handled well.


Position Details:

This is an Independent Contractor position, which can be performed remotely.


You will work from your own home office, or place of choice. Must have high speed internet connection. TWR is located in Baltimore, so living locally is a plus, however all applicants located on the East Coast of the US will be considered.


Starting date for this position is asap, however we will wait for the right person. Ideal candidates will be interested in committing to this role for 2+ years.


Experience, Characteristics, & Skills:


Experiences in and qualities of each of the following will be required:


  • Birth Worker - or similar background (prenatal yoga instructor, childbirth educator, doula, midwife, maternal mental health therapist, specialist, etc.)

  • Service Knowledge - must acquire and maintain a deep understanding of TWR’s service offerings, to understand how to recommend them well. 

  • Passionate Advocate - passionate about birth and helping parents.

  • Effective Communicator - great at communicating factual, conscientious, interesting, and empowering messages to generate interest and action.

  • Positive Energy - outgoing, energetic, motivated, insightful, helpful, kind.

  • Professionalism - you must represent TWR in all your communications in a professional manner. Customer service or sales experience is a bonus.

  • Remote Operator - effective planning and completing your work on time, driven mostly by your own motivation, direction, and expertise. We will not be able to hold your hand or micro-manage, so you must be ok with this.



Apply for this position here: Apply for Community Support Coordinator

Please include a cover letter explaining:


1. Why are you interested in working with The Womb Room? 

2. Why do you believe you are a great fit for this position?

Email Support@WombRoom.Mom with any questions. Thank you!


Remote, from your home office. Near us in Baltimore, Maryland is a bonus.



15-25 Hours per Month to start.


Paid $20 per Hour.

$300-$500 per Month to start.


Flexible to fit your schedule.

​Why Work for The Womb Room?

  • Holistic approach to maternal and family wellness.

  • Professional services offered with high, consistent quality.

  • Opportunities to work from home and/or in-person.

  • Commitment to prioritizing work conditions that support families, including flexible scheduling, etc.

  • Commitment to providing services that benefit diverse communities, including free & affordable resources.

  • Being part of an organization that is growing & thriving!

  • Operating as a non-exclusive Independent Contractor.

  • Staff discounts on all offerings & products.

  • Access to communication and technology tools.

  • Opportunities for career growth and development through consultations and trainings.

  • Being part of a team of talented birthworkers for support & camaraderie!

  • Born in Baltimore, MD, and expanding online! 

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