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Monthly (virtual) Doula workshops on our favorite Pregnancy & Postpartum topics!


$15/person or couple.

Free for Womb Room Doula Clients!

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Ayurveda & The Postpartum Body

The well being of new mothers is at the heart of the centuries old

practice of Ayurveda. The ‘science of life,’ Ayurveda offers a holistic set of guidelines on caring for new mothers and restoring the delicate balance of energies within the postpartum body.

 In this workshop, Meg will show you how to use Ayurvedic principles to care for your mind, body and soul after having a baby. Recipe and short cooking lesson included!

Friday, August 28th 



to Hypnobirthing

Learn the basics of this effective birthing method that utilizes

self-hypnosis through:

  • breathing techniques

  • positive thinking 

  • guided visualization for managing fear and pain in labor and birth.


Odile is a big fan of using Hypnobirthing techniques in her Doula work, and is excited to share this common practice (and some of her secrets) with all of you!

Thursday, September 10th 

7-8:30 pm

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