Judy Kurjan-Frank

Yoga Instructor

"Let us first teach little children to breathe, to vibrate, to feel, and to become one with the general harmony and movement of nature. Let us first produce a beautiful human being, a dancing child." ~ Isadora Duncan

Judy is a choreographer, dancer, and yoga and dance educator in Baltimore, MD.


She currently teaches Vinyasa yoga at Yogaworks and Toddler Creative Movement at the Womb Room.

Judy has dedicated her life to movement, through dance and yoga, to provide and inspire connective, expressive, meaningful, healing experiences.


Judy has led a local dance company, performed with Flux/us Dance Projects, and worked with several well known choreographers and companies in NYC.

When not involved with dance and yoga, Judy spends most of her time with her husband, son, dogs, and cats. 


  • Prenatal Yoga Certificate from Yoga Birth, under the instruction of Heather Brown.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Maryland, College Park

  • Master of Arts in Dance Education from New York University

  • Certified Movement Analyst through the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies

  • RTY 200 Certificate from Charm City Yoga


Judy's Classes:

Creative Movement for Toddlers

Jump! Roll! Spin! Slide! Bring your toddler and get on the dance floor! This weekly creative movement class will introduce your toddler to all of the many ways our bodies move in a fun and supportive environment.

You and your little will explore levels, tempo, axial and locomotor movements, yogic elements, and more. This class is developmentally appropriate for 1 to 3-year-olds. $5 per child.

Yoga & Massage


A harmonious blend of gentle yoga and massage therapy, this monthly class is designed to address the physical discomforts and tension patterns that most often accompany caring for infants and young children. Special attention is devoted to the concerns of the early postpartum period, but the class is suitable for all current and soon-to-be caregivers. $30 per class.

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