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Katlyn Talerico

Yoga Instructor

"My goal as a prenatal yoga teacher is to empower students to discover and cultivate their deep sense of inner knowing, and to connect with others during the creative transformation of pregnancy."

Katlyn has been practicing yoga since 2010, but deepened her personal l practice upon becoming pregnant in 2017. Katlyn’s yoga practice allowed her to foster a greater connection to her body and baby, feeling empowered and strong as she transitioned from maiden to mother.


It was after giving birth that Katlyn completed her prenatal yoga teacher training at the Womb Room with the intention of learning more about the physical, mental, and spiritual shifts that occur during pregnancy in order to hold space for people in all stages of childbearing.


She teaches prenatal yoga at the Womb Room as well as at Earth Pulse Yoga. When she's not on the mat, Katlyn is teaching elementary special education and spending time with her husband, two kids, and dog.


  • 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Certification

  • 85-Hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification


  • Masters in Special Education and Special Education Teacher in Baltimore City

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