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Breastmilk is phenomenally nutritious, and even protective and developmental for infants.

Special properties enhance brain development, digestion, and immune system functioning. The makeup and supply can even adapt subtly to an infant's changing needs. For these reasons and more, whenever possible, breastmilk is strongly recommended for at least the first 6 months, up to 2-3 years, of a child's life.

All this said, breastfeeding is not possible for all parents and for all children. All sorts of challenges can prevent this from being possible or from being easy to do.


Professional support can increase your chances of finding a way to make breastfeeding work, and this is why The Womb Room has assembled an amazing team of professional Lactation Consultants to help you.

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A Lactation Consultant is a certified professional that helps parents to overcome breastfeeding challenges.

Lactation Consultants are certified through an extensive 90 hour education program by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. Through this and after years of extensive experience, a Lactation Consultant's advice extends well beyond helping to solve the most common challenges of lactation. 

This can include providing support, resources, and recommendations for advanced lactation needs, including postpartum mental health, birth defects, baby weight concerns, proper sleep, milk supply, and so on.

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Common Lactation Challenges


Reserve Lactation Consultant Services

We welcome all parents at every step of their journey to find the support, knowledge, inspiration, and community that they need.

Meet with a certified Lactation Consultant in Baltimore, Maryland, DC, or online with The Womb Room. 

Most common lactation issues can be solved, or at least major progress made, within just one session. 

Sessions are up to 90 minutes over zoom or in person, and may be shorter if the issue is worked out sooner.


You can also follow up through email, text, or phone to check in about further questions if needed.

Lactation Consultant Online - $199

Up to 90 Minutes of meeting, with email, phone, or text support.

Lactation Consultant in Baltimore, Maryland, or DC - $249


For advanced support, more than one session or a session bundle is recommended. You can apply your first session towards the bundle price if you decide you need more sessions after your first one.


Lactation Consultation - 3 Session Bundle - $649 in person or $499 online

Email us for assistance with selecting your services: Support@WombRoom.Mom.

Amazing Lactation Consultants


"As many today, I became pregnant for the first time while living far away from family and friends. This felt lonely and I worried – how would I find my village? I could never have known how the classes offered at The Womb Room would end up providing this sense of belonging and community for me." 

- Laure-Hélène


"I’m so grateful I was able to make The Womb Room a part of my pregnancy. I loved connecting with others mamas-to-be, and I learned a ton from the instructors. I can’t imagine going through pregnancy without it. I’ll definitely be back for postpartum yoga!"

- Danielle K.


 "I love The Womb Room! Clean, beautiful, open space with phenomenal instructors, an outstanding variety of class offerings, and an unyielding dedication to the community and its people."

- Caitlyn D.

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We welcome all parents at every step of their journey to find the support, knowledge, and community they need.

Email us for assistance! Support@WombRoom.Mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Lactation Consultant do?

A lactation consultant is a kind of lactation coach, that helps you to prepare for, work through challenging spots, and to get the most out of your breastfeeding adventure.

Here are some common areas of Lactation support:

  • Breastfeeding support postpartum

  • Followup support postpartum

  • Prenatal lactation consultation

  • Emotional support about lactation

  • Breastmilk pumping and storage

  • Latching and baby connection

  • Weaning and food transitions

  • Comfortable positions and pain

  • Maintaining healthy supply

  • Increasing baby weight

  • Self-care and sleep​


When to see a lactation consultant?


If you're reading the FAQs on a page about professional breastfeeding support, chances are you could benefit from some help! We are sometimes limited by a stigma or sense of guilt or shame about "not doing it right" when in actuality - we are supposed to have wise women around us to help us learn nurturing ways.

If you know there is a problem with your feeding, and you are at your wits end or are feeling concerned, anxious, or depressed about it -- please consider working with a lactation professional to help you!

What is your service area? 


Online we help people with virtual lactation consultant services around the country, and sometimes even overseas, through remote video sessions. We also offer digital support through email, phone, and text.

In person, The Womb Room operates from Baltimore, MD, with some of our team in DC. If your Lactation Consultant is further than 30 miles from your house, an additional travel fee may apply for in-person visits.

What is the difference between a Lactation Counselor vs a Consultant?

Lactation Counselors (CLC) and Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) are both breastfeeding specialists that help people with most common breastfeeding concerns. 


Lactation Consultants have a much more extensive certification program, in terms of the number of education and clinical hours, exams, and ongoing training requirements for upkeep of the certification. 


Because of this additional training and experience, Lactation Counselors are expert at helping families, and are able to help you with advanced lactation needs. 

Are lactation consultants covered by insurance?

I'm not sure of this...

What if I have trouble affording this help?

I'm not sure of this...

Where can I find more online Breastfeeding resources?

For a comprehensive intro to breastfeeding and what to expect, join us for Breastfeeding Basics class!

You can also join our free weekly online Breastfeeding Support Group which is convened every Wednesday evening on zoom by the incredible Lactation Counselor Beth Nottingham.

For more information and support on family preparing, pregnancy, and parenting, follow us on social media, @TheWombRoom, on Facebook, and our youtube channel, and subscribe to our newsletter!

How do I find a Breastfeeding Support Group near me?

If you are in search of an online breastfeeding support group locally wherever you are and you are coming up short, we feel you. Please consider joining us virtually on our online Breastfeeding Support Group!


Can I contact a Lactation Consultant first?

Of course! We are happy to help you find the information you need and the services that fit you the best.

Write our passionate team of Baltimore local and virtual lactation consultants to get in touch: Support@WombRoom.Mom