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Lisa Signorile

Birth Doula + Community Support Coordinator

"Better birth outcomes happen when it is not feared but instead understood, well prepared for, and tailored to our individual needs." 

Birth experiences hold a powerful and lasting impact. This is why Lisa Signorile chose this path: to help families have a satisfying and positive birth experience, by nurturing and understanding the processes of birth.

Lisa passionately believes that Doula support is absolutely invaluable, and that birthing families deserve care that is not just safe, but also unconditionally supportive, empowering, and evidence-based.

Lisa's Hypno-Doula and Spinning Babies trainings have had a powerful impact on her approach as a birth worker by providing a deeper understanding of the psychological and physiological processes of birth.

Lisa Signorile is am a firm believer in mindset. Everything that happens in the mind has a physiological reaction, therefore preparing the mind for a positive and empowering birth experience is key.


In addition to mindset, she learned that focusing on optimal fetal positioning through Spinning Babies techniques has shown incredible results in bringing comfort to pregnancy and preparing for an easier, smoother birth.


"Birth is a beautiful and sacred experience, one that deserves to be surrounded with support, comfort, empowerment, and evidence-based care -- and I want every person that I work with to walk away feeling all of this!"

Lisa yearned for a career where her interactions could directly serve the betterment of others, allowing her to express her authentic, big-hearted personality. It wasn’t until she learned about the role of a Doula that she realized what she was missing. This caused her to leave the corporate world in NYC Public Relations, to move to Maryland, and to become a birth worker.

Lisa feels naturally drawn to providing stability and empowerment to people going through such a vulnerable and changing time. Listening, validating, comforting, supporting, and of course taking in all of the sweet baby kicks! 

When Lisa is not serving the birth community, you can find her capturing all the love, light and golden sunsets as a lifestyle photographer. She has a deep love for travel and exploring earth. Her dogs are her best friends, her nieces and nephew are her favorite humans, and a little bit of kindness makes her soul happy!


  • Certified HypnoDoula (Hypnobabies)

  • DONA Certified Birth Doula

  • Family Equality Open Door Professional Training

  • Spinning Babies

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Doula Reviews for Lisa Signorile

"Choosing Lisa to be my doula was probably the best decision I made for myself during my pregnancy. From our very first consult, I felt her warmth and genuine care, and I knew that she had the knowledge and presence I needed to support me through my first pregnancy and birthing experience."

"As a first time mom who was anxious and overwhelmed at times, the resources, support, and encouragement Lisa provided throughout my pregnancy and birth helped me feel calm, confident, and capable. She also made sure that my husband's needs and desires were heard and met and that he was supported too as my primary teammate. During labor and delivery, Lisa had such a warm and comforting approach as well as lots of helpful comfort techniques and some extra special touches (like honey sticks and lavender spray). Even the labor and delivery nurses and my midwife loved having her there and commented to me about how great she was. Lisa will always hold a special place in our birthing story and in our hearts, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat."


"Lisa was exactly who we needed by our sides on the journey to our first baby!"

"The final weeks of pregnancy leading up to labor and delivery are physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. Lisa was such a calming and supportive presence. She provided prenatal support and comfort measures that helped ease both physical and emotional strains. She provided my husband and I with educational support so we could be prepared, informed and as confident as possible entering the hospital and parenthood. Included in this educational support was birth plan guidance, so we could advocate for the preferences we had once we arrived to the hospital."

"We had Lisa by our side through early labor and her comfort measures and skillset was invaluable! Lisa is so knowledgeable, loving and positive. She will help you navigate your pregnancy and labor in a way that is best for you! I can't wait to have Lisa continue to support our growing family in the future. It is clear that she is passionate about being a Doula and supporting moms and partners through this beautiful experience!"

Antwanette's Services

Lisa Signorile's Doula Services:

Birth Doula Services


Our Doulas will support you before, during, and after your birth!


Hire Lisa Signorile to help you plan your birth in detail, and to prepare you for your journey. For Labor & Birth Support, Virtual and In-Person Doula Birth packages include:

  • 1.5 hour prenatal planning meeting in your home, via Zoom, or at the studio.

  • 1 in-home postpartum visit for initial feeding support and birth processing.

  • On-Call Phone or Email Support throughout your pregnancy and 6-weeks postpartum.

  • Monthly support groups Online to relate to others on the physical and emotional experience of pregnancy.

  • Access to Free Prenatal Yoga Classes!

Doula Packages include:

  • Birth Planning

  • Pregnancy Support

  • Virtual or In-Person Birth Support

  • Postpartum Processing Support

  • Holistic Doula Packages - Childbirth Education & Prenatal Yoga Included


How to book Lisa:

  • Reach out to the Doula team to schedule a FREE 15-minute Consult with your Doulas of choice.

  • Your Doula of choice will be available for a consult if they have openings for your Due Date.

  • Once your consult is complete and you've decided on which Doula you'd like to hire, head to our Doula Page to choose your Doula package!

Contact Lisa Signorile

Contact Lisa for a FREE Consult at

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