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A harmonious blend of gentle yoga and massage therapy, this class is designed to address the physical discomforts and tension patterns that most often accompany caring for infants and young children. Designed for all parents and caregivers, this 90-minute class devotes special attention to the concerns of the early postpartum period. $30 per class.


Infant Massage


Build confidence and bond with your baby through this special 4-week class series. Infant massage classes guide parents and child care providers through simple and effective massage therapy techniques. Learn how to create your own full body massage routine, and specific techniques for treating common conditions like gas, teething and congestion. All participants receive a complete massage routine handout to use at home and a board book copy of Little Sleepyhead, by Elizabeth McPike. Suitable for all pre-crawlers aged newborn through 6 months. $100 per 4-week series.


Toddler Massage


This class teaches basic massage techniques and stretches through songs, stories and playful movement to introduce toddlers to the joy of massage and the importance of safe and healthy, gentle touch. This 45-minute class is suitable for walkers from 12 months - age 4.  $25 per class.

Prenatal Partner Massage Instruction


From backaches to shoulder tension, swelling and hip soreness, pregnancy can bring a wide range of aches and pains. In this two-hour class, we will identify the muscles and body regions most commonly affected by pregnancy, and couples will be guided through simple and effective hands-on massage techniques to soothe and connect with their partners. Through learning about safe application of pressure, proper positioning, and massage for relaxation and stress relief, couples will come away from this course with the knowledge and confidence to apply the benefits of pregnancy massage from the comfort of their own homes. $100 per class.

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