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Dear Womb Room Community,

At this time you are all aware of the global pandemic we are facing. We are following the CDC and WHO guidelines closely, as we attempt to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

While we proceed cautiously, we also know that the need for community, support and normalcy during pregnancy and parenthood only intensifies in times of stress and uncertainty.


Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the studio is closed for at least the next few months. We are doubling down on efforts to offer a community to connect with experts to talk with, and support services for Moms, all through the internet.

We are now offering two weekly online support groups, one for breastfeeding and one called Becoming Mom, completely free.

To keep our teachers busy and our Moms happy, we will continue to offer most of our yoga and education classes online, as well as Doula support and mental health Therapy virtually. 


Consider attending groups and classes virtually for your own benefit, and for the benefit of others! Those who are most in need of community are dependent on each other to show up.


As always, we look forward to our signature "check-ins" at the beginning of class. Please continue following us for updates.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Karen@WombRoom.Mom or 410-450-4600.


Together we can do this. With gratitude and well-wishes,

Karen Kindig, LCSW-C

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Online Offerings from The Womb Room

Yoga Classes

Join us online, and bring your baby or toddler to our virtual yoga classes! You'll also receive a recording of the class, to do it on your time.


Prenatal Yoga:

Wednesday: 6:30-8pm

Saturday: 10-11:30am

Gentle Yoga:

Sunday: 10-11:15am

Register on the Yoga Schedule.

To access classes, log in to your Account or check your receipt to find the broadcast link.

Breastfeeding Circle

Join us for a Free weekly peer-to-peer support group to connect Moms along their breastfeeding journeys.


Led by Lactation Counselor Dr. Beth Nottingham, this group is a non-judgmental place to make friends, share struggles and triumphs, to trouble-shoot, and learn what to expect and how to adjust.


FREE Breastfeeding Circle:

Thursday from 1-2pm.


Register using the Calendar. You'll receive a link to the group in your receipt, or Login to your account.

Anyone preferring one-on-one Breastfeeding Support as opposed to attending the Breastfeeding Circle in-person should contact: Support@WombRoom.Mom.

Support Groups

Transitioning into parenthood is not always easy. Join us for a weekly virtual groups hosted by The Womb Room Doulas & Therapists.


It Takes a Village: A Group for Connecting and Encouraging Parents

Tuesdays 11am-12pm

Becoming Mom: FREE Pregnancy Support Group

Wednesdays: 5-6pm

These groups provides safe spaces to connect and discuss experiences, emotional and physical challenges, and joys while growing your family.

Register on the Calendar and you will receive a link to attend in your receipt and via Your Account.

Childbirth + Parenting Education

ALL Childbirth Education classes are continuing online!

Check the Education page or Calendar for the next time for each of these classes, now presented virtually:

Baby Basics

Breastfeeding Basics

Out-of-Hospital Birth

Holistic Childbirth Classes

Register on the Calendar and you will be emailed a link to attend classes virtually, or find it Your Account.

Doula Support

Doula services are continuing online, and through secure phone, email, and video chat support!

We are continuing to accept new Doula clients, and have created brand new Online Doula Services!


Packages include Birth Planning, Pregnancy Support, Birth Support, and Postpartum Support.

Contact us here: Doulas@WombRoom.Mom.

Current Doula clients should continue communicating with their Doula with any questions or concerns.


Mental Health Therapy is continuing through Teletherapy. We are accepting new therapy clients. 


Read more and schedule at Support@WombRoom.Mom.

Sessions are completely secure and use HIPAA compliant tools to keep your information private. 

Contact - About

We're Here.

We're here to support this community of moms and families in Baltimore and Maryland. If you have any ideas, requests, or concerns, please reach out to us!

Contact us here, email Support@WombRoom.Mom, or call 410-450-4600.

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