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Where is the Womb Room?

To this AMAZING Womb Room Community,

I had hoped to never be sending this email,

yet here we are.

The Womb Room began as a way to connect those who are expecting, through yoga, to process the profound experience of bringing new life into the world with others on the same transformative path.

I was one of those yogis in the beginning.

While stretching my body as it held my growing baby, and my mind to fit a brand new concept of myself as "Mom" I watched as the community of other likeminded yogis (and their bellies) at The Womb Room grew.

I knew I was witnessing something monumental for my town of Baltimore, and SO special and important for expectant families.

Last year, my dear friend and The Womb Room founder, Heather Brown, decided to step back from the birth world, after many years of giving herself to this community. She was my Doula and Teacher, and gave me the inspiration and confidence in my ability to birth and parent my babies the way I want to.

It was my own positive experience from The Womb Room that led me to step up and carry the torch.

I couldn't fathom the loss of this community, knowing the huge impact it had on my life, and how many others were also in need this type of support!

About 5 months after taking over this sacred duty, everyone's world was rocked by this pandemic crisis.

I felt like I was getting a crash course in what it's like to be a business owner, when everything my amazing team and I had just built suddenly needed to be changed. Since then, we've been innovating and using technology, basically doing whatever we can to keep the community connection and classes going.

While it has been different, I am continuously amazed by the level that people keep (virtually) showing up!

Unfortunately, during this time, our beautiful studio has mostly gone unused, as we keep committing to the decision to hold the health and safety of our community as our highest priority.

While recently polling the community, we found that over 80% of you support this decision, and are not ready to return to an in-person studio anytime soon.

With the help of your feedback, and no end in sight to this health crisis, I made the excruciating decision to not renew the lease on our beautiful studio space. 😭

This was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. It feels like such a major loss for the birth community. This studio space has been passed down between wise birth workers over the years, and has supported a countless number of families on their journeys.

It was entrusted to me to carry this on, and now because of forces that I can't control, that era is over.

I am heartbroken. I can't help but feel like I am letting the community down.

Here is what I am choosing to remember:

- This pain is much bigger than us. The entire world is experiencing loss right now. Although losing our studio feels tragic, it is such a small part of the overall tragic era humans are experiencing right now. We will recover from this, though unfortunately many others will not be so lucky.

- Community is SO much more than a space. We are eager to find a new space to call our own, when the time is right! Meanwhile, everyone at The Womb Room is more committed to this work than ever. Birth workers are some of the most resilient and passionate people I know, and we plan to keep finding new ways to show up for this community.

- Nothing is permanent. Change is inevitable. We will adapt (and already are). In fact, this change has forced us to evolve in some unexpected and exciting ways, and the outcome will be that we can help even more families!



To everyone who has thus far reached out throughout this Pandemic to ask how you can support us.


Here are some ways you can Support The Womb Room:

- Share your experiences. Reach out to share your thoughts and feelings about the studio, and tell us about the special times you have in the space and with The Womb Room! We'd SO love to hear from you.

- Write a Review. On Google, Yelp, and Facebook. This helps immensely as new people are looking for us!

- Try our new virtual offerings. Check out our freshly updated website, and share it with your friends! Here are a few new things I'm most excited about:

✨Prenatal, Postnatal and Baby & Me Yoga Series - Cohorts forming NOW to start in late November! ✨

✨FREE Weekly Prenatal Yoga Class! - Join us every Thursday night! ✨

✨After the Afterglow - A support group exclusively for alumni of our "Afterglow Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Support Group"! ✨

✨Holistic Doula Support Package - this new package combines Doula Support, Childbirth Education, Groups, and Unlimited Yoga at one affordable price! ✨

The Womb Room Community is about you and your family.

We are holding space for you and your family, with whatever experience you are having right now during this interesting and trying time.

As always, let us know how we can support you and this amazing community!

With so much 💜 and gratitude,

Karen Kindig, LCSW-C

The Womb Room Owner



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