Emotionally Responsive Parenting in a Pandemic

What is Responsive Parenting?

Have you noticed that being stuck at home has brought increased power struggles, clinginess, emotional reactivity, and bedtime challenges?

Emotionally Responsive Parenting is being in tune with your child's emotional and physical needs, and meeting them where they are, instead of being reactive to their emotional expressions.

Learn what's going on with our children, and why their behavior is screaming for our empathy and help with regulation.

This deeply discounted class is presented by Sheena Hill, a certified Responsive Parenting specialist. The course consists of this 2 hour video recording of the course and a Q&A session.

Emotionally Responsive Parenting Techniques & Topics include:

Stress-Behavior Cycle

Any behavior that creates distance is a reaction to stress. When the family is under stress, it is easy to get trapped in the Stress-Behavior Cycle.

Safety + Security

Create External Safety Cues to help your child feel safe and secure. Help them to grasp and communicate their boundaries effectively.


Use Your Presence and Calm to Reset Your Child's Distressed Brain. Learn how to talk about their BIG feelings.

Limits & Boundaries

Tools and techniques for setting expectations and creating space while at home together.

Presented by a Responsive Parenting Specialist

Taught by Sheena Hill from The Womb Room.

  • Responsive Parenting Certification

  • Holistic Sleep Training Certification

  • Attachment Parenting Certification

Sheena guides parents who seek to deepen their understanding of development and attachment parenting, and who are interested to learn more about emotional intelligence.

She draws on experience in her private practice which offers virtual and in-person education and support for parents and professionals to parent lovingly.


She lives in Baltimore with her 2 children, enjoys hiking on local trails, and has never met a pie she didn't like. 

Check out Sheena Hill's Classes, and feel free to reach out to her at Support@WombRoom.Mom for questions about the course!


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