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Shindreia Chase

Shindreia Chase

Birth and Postpartum Doula

"Your purpose is not only for you. Your purpose should nurture and help someone other than yourself".

Shindreia Chase specializes in Birth Doula work, but adores and provides a full spectrum of doula services.  

Using a holistic approach, she practices comfort measures physically and verbally, unique to the needs of each birthing person.


"With more respect and awareness of ancestral practices and black and brown community advocacy, the framework of birth and equality became more prevalent in my world. I am passionated about serving black and brown women in urban communities.

There is a great need to bridge the gap in racial and medical inequalities during labor. In birth work, I strive to overcome language barriers, ensuring that my clients have full and complete awareness of their bodily antonymy and choices."

Since early childhood, Shindreia has been fascinated by, and determined to learn, everything she can about childbirth. This has led her on a journey of education, internship, certification, and personal experience that brings her to serve as a Doula, during a time where she believes the world needs it most.

"The statement of one of my professors that so confidently said to me would continuously ring in my mind “ You will never get into medical school, black women don't belong there!”. Although I was crushed initially, I would love to send thanks. Because of him it pushed me to be who I KNEW I'd always wanted to be, “The Baby Whisperer”.

Shindreia considers her life dedicated to the betterment of humanity, and because "knowledge is power" she will learn everything she can about babies and birth.

"Have no fear, ShinDoula is here!! We are in this together!"


Shindreia is a native of West Baltimore, Maryland, where she learned and cultivated her love for the arts, nature, and all things ancestral. She is a devoted Auntie to 13 little people, Godmom to 4 & counting angels, and the sister of 8 warriors! 


  • Ancient Song Full Spectrum Doula Certification

  • DONA training in Childbirth, Lamaze, Lactation and Postpartum care, 2015

  • Infant, Child, Adult CPR certified

  • Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med/Biology - Virginia State University


  • Birth work and maternal care for 6+ years

  • Studied under an OB/GYN for GMBC Doula/Parent Connection Dept.

  • Special Education for children with Autism

Shindreia Chase 2
Shindreia Chase 1

Reviews of Shindreia Chase:


“Thank you for all of your love support and care that you gave me throughout my journey. I couldn't get through it without you. Thank you for staying through the whole process.” - Brandy S. 1/2021


"Lovely! Everything lovely! I enjoyed everything about my time here. I couldn't ask for a better doula. Before coming I was a ball of stress and anxiety and now I feel so prepared and ready for my new journey as a mom. I can't thank ShinDoula enough💚" L.C 4/2021

“You dont know love until you have experienced this Doula in the flesh during your pregnancy, labor or delivery. Not only am I a satisfied customer but I am also a proud big sister!! Shin you rock!” - Januwa B. 10/2020

“Above and beyond expectations with such a peaceful ambience for learning “ -Micheal M. 4/2021

“Breastfeeding is going great!! I’m learning new positions and his latch has gotten better. Warm showers and putting breast milk on my nipples really helps with the soreness. Thank youuu so much !!” -Andrea 12/2020

“From the time my husband and I found out I was pregnant in 2016 Shindreia was one of the first people we shared the news with because we knew how influential and inspiring she would be on this journey.


She was 3 hours away from us but still communicated often and assisted me with the process of delivering at home for the first time. The day of my daughter’s birth we called her instantly because we knew it was time but even my midwife was doubting me.


Shindreia listened to my concerns and immediately directed me to the steps to keep my labor progressing. She was on speaker/FaceTime with my husband and I the entire time keeping both him and I calm through the experience. I can’t imagine not having her play such a critical part of that day and regardless of her distance she was available for us and provided so much support.


Trust me you will love going through this journey with her by your side and I will forever be thankful for her doula services! Love you sis!” -  Ayshia J.  8/2021

Shindreia Chase's Doula Services:

Shindrea's Services

Birth Doula Services

Our Doulas will support you before, during, and after your birth!


Hire Shindreia to help you plan your birth in detail, to prepare you for your journey, or to support you along the way with Pregnancy Support. For Labor & Birth Support, Virtual and In-Person Doula Birth packages include:

  • 1.5 hour prenatal planning meeting in your home, via Zoom, or at the studio

  • 1 in-home postpartum visit for initial breastfeeding support and birth processing

  • On Call Phone or Email Support throughout your pregnancy and 6-weeks postpartum

  • Monthly support groups at the studio to relate to others on the physical and emotional experience of pregnancy

  • Access to Free Prenatal Yoga Classes, and Free Pregnancy Support Circle

Package Options include:

  • Birth Planning

  • Pregnancy Support

  • Virtual or In-Person Birth Support

  • Holistic Doula Packages - Includes Unlimited Childbirth Education & Yoga Classes, + 1 Lactation Support Session


Postpartum Doula Services

Including Shindreia in your Postpartum Support Team means receiving daytime or overnight help to keep your household running smoothly.  Postpartum Doulas help with:

  • Holding & Feeding the baby

  • Supporting the baby's sleep schedule

  • Household tasks - laundry, dishes, cooking

  • Running basic errands for the family

  • Supporting the birthing parents in accessing resources, such as lactation or mental health support

  • and more!

Packages range from 4-150+ hours, from $40/hour+. Reach out to receive your custom quote today!

Contact Shindreia Chase

"My work is dedicated to two very special ancestors and women in my life and journey, my mother Beverly Ann Murdock, and dearest sisterfriend Korryn S. Gaines, I pray I am making you proud. Peace & Blessings to All, ShinDoula" 

Contact Shindreia for a FREE Consult at Doulas@WombRoom.Mom or here.

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