Maternal Health and Wellness

It takes a village.


The Womb Room began out of love in 2015, by a Mom looking to provide space to connect and support pregnant and postpartum women through yoga. To be the village.


Since then, the community has grown into a beautiful, thriving space that supports Moms and families along every aspect of their Mothering and parenthood journeys. 

Bringing life into this world brings challenges and tests us in ways we could never have imagined.


We must feel safe, secure, and supported in order to let go and enjoy the ride.


The Womb Room strives to be the place Moms go to gain the knowledge, connections, and healing they need to flourish.

Nestled in the heart of Hampden in Baltimore, Maryland, The Womb Room is a community maternal health and wellness center for Moms. 


It is our hope that you show up and grow with us, show up for other Moms, show up for your family, and show up for your self. You are not alone.

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How to Find The Womb Room:


The Womb Room is located on the top floor loft of a beautiful brick 1864 row building on the famous 36th St., "The Avenue", in Hampden, Baltimore.

It is recommended to find parking on 36th Street, Roland Avenue, Elm Street or any of the side streets, and not in any of the business parking lots.

To access the studio, enter the back door entrance in the rear of the building behind Brightside Boutique, and head to the top floor. 

See you there!



Contact The Womb Room at Support@WombRoom.Mom, call 410-450-4600, or send us a message below.

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915 W 36th Street 

Baltimore, MD, 21211

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