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We are a Community for Parents & Parents-to-be.

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It takes a village.


The Womb Room began out of love in 2015, by a Mom looking to provide space to connect and support pregnant and postpartum people through yoga. To be the village.


Since then, the community has grown into a beautiful, thriving space that supports families along every aspect of reproduction.

Bringing life into this world brings challenges and tests us in ways we could never have imagined.


We must feel safe, secure, and supported in order to let go and enjoy the ride.


The Womb Room strives to be the place families go to gain the knowledge, connections, and healing they need to flourish.

Nestled in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, The Womb Room is a community Perinatal Health and Wellness center, centered around community and support. 


It is our hope that you show up and grow with us, show up for others, show up for your family, and show up for your self. You are not alone!

Where is The Womb Room?

The Womb Room Studio is located at The Keswick Castle in Hampden, at 3355 Keswick Road, in Suite 104, Baltimore, Maryland.

You can park for FREE in our Parking lot or on the street. Enter through the front door (along Keswick Road), or the back doors (up the stairs that are next to the Exit Tunnel).  

The Keswick Castle is a historic building, once serving as a jail, and since rehabilitated to serve the Hampden Community with Hair Salons, Therapy Services, Chiropractic Care, etc.

The Womb Room is also everywhere. Families need more support all over the globe, so all of our in-person services are also available online!


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