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Connect with your Baby

Where new parents and babies come together to breathe, stretch, and connect


Join us for Baby and Me Yoga online or in Baltimore

Practicing yoga WITH your baby is a beautiful way to heal from pregnancy and bond mindfully, while building your community. 

This class is relaxed and informal, including activities with and without your baby (in case they are sleeping!) with plenty of flexibility for feeding, diapering and meeting baby’s needs.

Appropriate for all parents and pre-crawling babies, once cleared for exercise by your provider.


Class begins with a check-in/short discussion for community building and support.

Led by Womb Room Certified Prenatal Yoga Teachers.

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4.9 Rating

Over 130 5-star Reviews 


Book Baby and Me Yoga in Baltimore, Maryland

45 Minute Class

In-Person in Baltimore, Maryland

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Upcoming Baby & Me Yoga Classes

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  • Wed, Thu, Sat

    45 min

    22 US dollars

Meet our Baby and Me Yoga Instructors


Amanda Agricola

Yoga Instructor

Amanda has spent two decades learning to use movement, yoga, and meditation to regulate nervous systems, and to bring pain relief brought on by daily activities, stressors, and pregnancy


Allison Korycki

Yoga Instructor

Allison's uplifting classes welcome you as you are, blending fluid movement, breath awareness and soul-nourishing affirmations to live a more joyful, balanced and conscious life now.


Emily Fleming

Yoga Instructor

Emily strives to use yoga as a pathway for exploring human values and character traits, while empowering her students to figure out how best to apply these practices to their own lives.


Benefits of Baby and Me Yoga

Step into The Womb Room and deepen the beautiful connection between you and your baby through our Baby and Me Yoga sessions. These classes are more than just movements; they're moments of bonding, fostering your child's development, and offering you postpartum support.


Engage with other parents and little ones, building a supportive community. With each session, you and your baby will discover rhythms that soothe, engage, and strengthen, leaving each class feeling more connected and enriched.


Strengthen the bond with your baby as you move, breathe, and relax together in synchrony.


Join a supportive circle of like-minded moms, creating lasting friendships and sharing in the joys and challenges of new motherhood.


Enhance both your and your baby's physical and emotional well-being, tapping into age-old yoga practices tailored for this special stage of life.