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Comfort Measures 1

Hands on Prep for Labor and Birth

Gain Birth Skills with your Partner in Comfort Measures for Childbirth Classes

Birthing is an intense experience! Fortunately we do not have to go through it alone, or unprepared. 

The right mindset, skills, and support makes a huge difference in your sense of calm and preparation. 


You will learn and practice what you and your partner need to navigate your birth.

This practical 2.5 hour workshop includes prop-use, breathing and relaxation techniques, medication-free pain management, massage, imagery, and partner communication skills to prepare you both.


Comfort Measures covers:

•    Build confidence 

•    Breathing and relaxation techniques 

•    Mindfulness practices including affirmations

•    Normalize childbirth pain

•    Creating optimal environment

•    Positions and movement

•    Becoming an outstanding birth partner

•    Back pain solutions


This course includes a detailed folder full of resources to reference during and after the class.


Comfort Measures is designed for people who want hands-on practice and just want to learn comfort techniques.


This class is not a comprehensive childbirth education, infant care, or breastfeeding/chestfeeding class. *Note: The information in Comfort Measures is provided within the Holistic Childbirth Series or Essentials Class, so taking both classes would be redundant. It is recommended for those specifically looking for comfort techniques, and non first-time birthers.


Comfort Measures 2
Comfort Measures 3

Support skills you'll learn in Comfort Measures


Build confidence and calm by practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques.


Learn positions, massages, and movements to assist with labor and delivery.


Communicating about support, and how to advocate for your partner.


Consider options to put you at ease during labor and to support your birth.

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Our goal is help families feel as confident and prepared as possible for their birth.

The Womb Room's classes are designed and led by highly trained and experienced Birth Educators with an inclusive and evidence-based curriculum and approach.

Our Online Childbirth Classes take place on Zoom, and in-person classes are in Baltimore, all in a friendly, fun, and open-minded, supportive community environment of parents going through the same thing together. 

Register for Comfort Measures below, private classes here, or contact us with any questions!

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