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Private Childbirth Classes & Education

Becoming a Parent is full of unknowns. We provide wise personal guidance for your journey.

Imagine feeling prepared, confident, and empowered. Having a positive birth experience comes from understanding the phases of labor and how to work with them. This is what we want for all expectant parents.

Research shows that people who take childbirth classes are better prepared for labor and delivery, whether you're having a vaginal birth or otherwise, and are less likely to experience psychological distress during or after birth.

Our private Childbirth Education classes are provided by educators with a wealth of baby care experience in helping  families through pregnancy, their upcoming birth, postpartum and even into parenthood, ensuring you feel confident and understand the comfort techniques to get you through it.

Register for private childbirth classes below, and contact us with your questions!

Benefits of Private Childbirth Education Classes

Increase Calm and Confidence
Explore Birth Place Options
Decrease Distress and Trauma
Create or Review Your Birthplan
Learn Comfort Measures
Personalized Care and Support
Register Private Classes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Private Childbirth Education Classes at The Womb Room?

The Womb Room offers Private Childbirth Education Classes tailored for expecting parents seeking personalized guidance through their childbirth journey.


These classes are designed to prepare you for a positive birth process and experience by understanding the phases of labor and how to navigate them effectively.

How can taking a private childbirth class benefit me and my birth partner?

Research indicates that individuals who participate in childbirth classes:


  • Are better prepared for labor and delivery

  • Experience less psychological distress during and after birth

  • Feel more confident and empowered throughout the birthing process


These classes offer personalized guidance about your upcoming birth plan, allowing you to ask specific questions and address any concerns in a private setting.


What's more, since these aren't group classes, you don't need to feel the pressures of having others around you (great if you live with anxiety or are simply nervous) or want a more personalized experience.

Who conducts the Private Childbirth Education Classes?

The classes are led by experienced childbirth educators with extensive knowledge in supporting families through pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and the transition into parenthood. Their expertise provides a reassuring, informative environment for you to learn.


What topics are covered in the Private Childbirth Education Classes?

While the scrape does not detail the exact topics, given the focus on preparing for a positive birth experience, topics likely include:


  • Understanding the stages of labor and delivery

  • Preparing for the postpartum period, including the initial phase of parenthood

  • Strategies for effective communication with healthcare providers

  • Preparing for the postpartum period, including the initial phase of parenthood


How do I register for a Private Childbirth Education Class?


You can register for private childbirth classes by visiting The Womb Room's official website. Look for the section or link specifically dedicated to Private Childbirth Education Classes and follow the instructions for registration.


It's also recommended to contact them directly with any questions or to discuss scheduling and availability.

Are these classes suitable for all types of births and parenting plans?


Yes, the Private Childbirth Education Classes are designed to support all kinds of birth plans and parenting approaches. Whether you aim for a medication-free birth, are considering an epidural, or are having a planned C-section, the classes can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


For more detailed information or to discuss your particular needs, contact The Womb Room directly through their provided contact details. They can offer more personalized advice and information about how their private classes can best serve you.

Meet our Educators


Jonelle Lund

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Registered Nurse (RN)

When Jonelle Lund struggled with feeding her oldest, she turned her career towards helping other families through this experience. Since then, Jonelle has become very passionate about helping babies, especially those with tethered oral tissues (like tongue ties and lip ties).

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