Reach Experienced Doulas from Home.

Find Your Support with a Virtual Doula​

Doulas are certified and dedicated to support mothers through each step of their journey.

Work with experienced virtual Doulas to plan your birth, to navigate your pregnancy and labor, and to become a parent.

Virtual Doula Services provide Support how you need it most.

  • ​Prenatal Check-ins

  • Birth Plan Design + Review

  • Support System Mapping

  • Phone, Email, and Video Support

  • Birth Ready Check-ins

  • Virtual Birth Support

  • Birth Processing Session

  • Partner Support

  • Parenting Check-in

  • Connection to Info & Experts

  • Private Social Support Group

  • Virtual Support Groups

Physically - endure with grace.



Mentally - how to think about it all.

Emotionally - navigate deep feels.

Socially - find your support system.

Research shows the benefits of Birth Doulas.

A growing body of scientific research studies prove the benefits of Doula assisted pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Read studies showing the Evidence for Doulas.

Having a Birth Doula leads to a 31% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with birth experiences.

Women with Doulas report experiencing less pain during labor, and have been shown to have shorter labors.

Doula assisted births experience 25-38% less C-sections.


Virtual Doula Services are Available in 3 Services:

Birth Planning


Gain the peace of mind of walking through and designing your Birth Plan with a Professional Doula.


Your Doula is experienced, knowledgable, and passionate about guiding you through birth planning, and answering any birth or pregnancy related questions!

  • Pregnancy Check-in, Birth Planning Session, and Followup Session.

    195 US dollars

​Pregnancy Support


After designing your birth plan, keep connecting for support with your Doula.

Let her know how you're feeling. Follow up on any concerns, ask questions, get motivational support, and connection to additional resources, tools, and specialists as needed.