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Reach Experienced Doulas from Home.

Find Your Birth Support with a Virtual Doula​

Doulas are certified and dedicated to support parents through each step of their journey.

Work with an experienced virtual Doulas to create your birth plan, to navigate your pregnancy, to support through your labor, and to ease the transition into parenthood.

Virtual Doulas provide Support how you need it most.

  • ​Prenatal Check-ins

  • Birth Plan Design + Review

  • Support System Mapping

  • Phone, Email, and Video Support

  • Birth Ready Check-ins

  • Virtual Birth Support

  • Birth Processing Session

  • Partner Support

  • Parenting Check-in

  • Connection to Info & Experts

  • Private Social Support Group

  • Virtual Support Groups

Physical - advice to endure with grace.



Mental - how to shape your perspective.

Emotional - help to navigate the deep feels.

Social - guide to find your support system.

Research shows the benefits of Birth Doulas.

A growing body of scientific research studies prove the benefits of Doula assisted pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Read studies showing the Evidence for Doulas.

Having a Birth Doula leads to a 31% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with birth experiences.

Women with Doulas report experiencing less pain during labor, and have been shown to have shorter labors.

Doula assisted births experience 25-38% less C-sections.

Online Doula Packages

Virtual Doula Services are Available in 3 Packages:

Birth Planning


Gain the peace of mind of walking through and designing your Birth Plan with a Professional Doula.


Your Doula is experienced, knowledgable, and passionate about guiding you through birth planning, and answering any birth or pregnancy related questions!

  • Pregnancy Check-in, Birth Planning Session, and Followup Session.

    195 US dollars

​Pregnancy Support


After designing your birth plan, keep connecting for support with your Doula.

Let her know how you're feeling. Follow up on any concerns, ask questions, get motivational support, and connection to additional resources, tools, and specialists as needed.

Virtual Birth Support

Your Doula is available on call at all hours for virtual support leading up to and through your labor and birth.


Your Doula will also check in afterwards, to process your birth with you, to discuss recovery, and to offer additional support and resources.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

All Virtual Doula Support Packages from The Womb Room are


Doulas meet you where you are to help you with what you need. 


Our Doulas fit with your schedule and communication preferences.


Connect to Doulas and Community on any device.

Doula Reviews

Meet Your Virtual Doulas

Virtual doula 1

Birth & Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counselor

Shanté Ferguson

Birth Doula

Virtual doula 3

Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Virtual doula 4

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Virtual doula 5

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Virtual doula 6

Postpartum Doula


Birth & Postpartum Doula

"Thank you for connecting me with Cara! We absolutely adored her, and relied so heavily on her calm presence and expertise. She was an amazing support during birth, helping me to navigate my options, and encouraging me to follow through on my wishes for a natural birth. (which was easier said than done - I had a 9lb 14oz baby, ouch! :) Cara was also a wonderful support for my husband, helping him to know how to help me in the hardest parts of labor and delivery."

- Kate

"My experience with Meg was nothing short of excellence. From beginning to end she was there for me and my family. As someone who struggles with anxiety, having that support throughout my pregnancy was critical. Meg ALWAYS kept me on the right track. When it came time to deliver my baby girl, she was there through it all. I never once felt scared or overwhelmed. Meg is the best you will find. She is passionate about her work and will make you and your family feel right at home in a realm that may not feel so familiar. This is her life's work and it shows!"

- Carrie

“It was like my wife had a second partner there, except Odile actually knew what she was doing. Trust me: you will be very glad you hired Odile”.


– Leo

"Odile is meant to do what she loves, and we will forver look back at our birth story fondly with Odile being such a special part of it."

- Erin

"Brielle was very informative and helpful throughout my pregnancy, making herself very available and supportive so I felt comfortable reaching out to her with updates on the progress. She also made sure to answer any questions I might have, or even encourage and comfort me as my pregnancy progressed and labor approached. While I was laboring and after delivery, she was very calming and helpful, especially as my labor progressed too quickly for us to follow our birth plan at all!"

Postpartum she has stayed in contact, checking on us and still available for help or questions."

- Leesa

Why Hire a Virtual Doula?

You want a wise woman by your side who has been there before, many times, to guide you through this experience. Doula in Greek means “With Woman” as it is someone who stays by her side, especially through her labor and birth. 

Most hospitals are restricting visitors and Doulas from attending your birth in person.

Unfortunately, Doulas cannot join people in person in all settings these days.


However your Doula is still there for you by phone, text, and video from the beginning of your labor, helping you to know how to manage early labor at home, or at the hospital if medically needed.

Your Doula understands labor’s progression.


She can help you find the right time to head to your birthplace or to call in your birthing team.

Your Doula provides preparation and guidance to you and your partner for comfort measures to utilize at each step of labor progression.


She will help your partner “touch” you in a way that brings comfort at the hardest moments, and use the tools you’ve prepared in advance together.

She is 24/7 available to join you both by call, text, or video.

She will help you understand choices and find your empowerment while working with your medical care providers. Your doula will be just as available and present to join in conversation with the staff as needed. 

She will provide genuine human interaction.


Your Doula WON”T have to wear a mask while being with you during your labor on video (unlike your partner and medical team) – oh the value of shared facial expression. This will add warmth and compassion to your birth environment.

Your Doula can take pictures.


Over some select video platforms (like Facetime) to help capture your beauty and hard work in birthing your child – and of the tender moments your partner may share within. 

Your Doula will support your Partner.


Your partner will have LOADS of helpful reminders in how to keep things going in a positive direction – illustrations, affirmations and a deep feeling that your doula has his/her back in this incredible role as your main support!

Support throughout the whole process.

As your pregnancy and labor unfolds, your Doula with respect and presence will  hold your personal vision of birthing your baby and guide you step by step.

Do you have any questions for us? Read the FAQ below and Contact Doulas here!

“Birth isn’t something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in.”

— Sheila Kitzinger

Frequently Answered Questions about Virtual Doulas

What is a Doula?

A Doula is rooted in deep traditions of women helping women through their pregnancy, birth, and recovery. Doulas offer emotional, mental, and physical support, plus assistance with planning. They offer empathy, companionship, advocacy, solidarity, and experience to guide you through your journey.

To read more general information about Doulas, check out the FAQs on the Doulas in Maryland page.

What is a Virtual Doula?

A virtual Doula provides these same offerings to women, to help them through pregnancy, childbirth, and more, remotely. 

In an age where there are challenges in attending births in person, Doulas are being called to provide support in new ways, so that mothers everywhere can benefit from the planning, guidance, support, and assistance that Doulas provide.

What are your Doula Packages?

There are 3 Virtual Doula Service packages:


Birth Planning - $195

Pregnancy Support & Birth Planning - $495

Birth Support, Pregnancy Support, & Birth Planning - $1,195


Pricing and details of what is included in each package are in the page above. Email us for the Doula Service contract.

If you are having a home birth, or your birth is far enough into the future that you want to hire a Doula to join you in person, check out the In Person Doula Services.

How can I Book Virtual Doula Services?

Book your Doula Service here or contact our Doulas. You can pay using any credit or debit card, or paypal.

How about Virtual Postpartum Doula Services?

Read more about our in-person and virtual postpartum doula services here.

How Available are the Doulas?

Doulas shape their lives around being there when women need them most. They are dedicated to providing ready support and communication for you, whenever you need it. Generally your Doula will get back to you as soon as possible when you reach out to them, and will be very flexible on when you schedule calls and check-ins.


When it comes to your labor and birth for Birth Doula Services, this is where Doulas are available 24/7 for you. They block off weeks the best they can so that they only take as many births as they will be available to take care of.


That said, nature has a mind of her own, and sometimes there are overlaps with labors and births. We will do our best to not let that happen, but if it does, one of our other certified Birth Doulas will step up to be there for you! 

Where can I be Located?

The Womb Room is in Baltimore, Maryland, in the quirky downtown artsy neighborhood known as Hampden, hon. While we would typically love to meet you at the Studio, or to visit with you somewhere in Maryland, these are not typical times!


Online Doula Services from The Womb Room are available throughout the United States! There are no state boundary concerns to Doula Certifications, so your Doulas can provide help to you wherever you are.  Contact the Doulas!

How about Privacy​?

Your security and privacy is of utmost importance to us, so The Womb Room takes it seriously. We selected email, phone, and video chat communications systems which have been certified to be HIPPA compliant, which is the standard for healthcare providers. If you prefer to communicate directly with your Doula's phone or another means of communication, we cannot guarantee the same level of HIPPA protection. However all Doulas with The Womb Room are committed to protecting your privacy, 

Is Insurance Accepted?

While we believe all women deserve access to quality health insurance and to compassionate Doula services to support their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, currently most insurance providers do not cover Doula services, unfortunately.


There are some plans out there that do, however. If you have any questions about your particular plan, please contact your insurance provider to make sure. If so, you can file your receipt with them for reimbursement. 


Contact Doulas@WombRoom.Mom to ask any questions at all!

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