Education is Empowerment 

Calm and Confidence with Online Childbirth Classes

Research shows that people who take childbirth classes are better prepared for labor and delivery, are more likely to achieve their birth plan, and less likely to experience psychological distress during or after birth. 

Our goal is help families feel as confident and prepared as possible for their Baby's arrival.

The Womb Room's online Evidence-Based Childbirth Classes are led by highly trained and experienced Birth Educators. Our Online Childbirth Classes take place on Zoom in a friendly, fun, and open-minded community environment of parents going through the same thing together. Our in-person Childbirth Classes are held in Baltimore, Maryland.

Each of our classes are also offered privately, to match your learning style and preferences - more details below!.


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What are the Benefits of Childbirth Classes?

Gain Confidence

Knowledge reduces uncertainty and anxiety, helps with planning and in setting healthy expectations.

Lower Stress

Preparation aids in relaxation, promoting oxytocin - a hormone crucial to the progression of labor.

Improve Outcomes

Evidence-based education improves the likelihood of achieving a positive birth experience.

Connect with Peers

Meeting and relating to other expectant families reduces isolation and encourages community-building.

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6-Week Holistic Childbirth Series

Thoughtfully designed by our Expert Educators, this Virtual Series will empower you

and your partner to calmly and confidently navigate your Baby's birth.

Whether planning to birth in a hospital, at home or in a birth center, you will understand:

- How to prepare for birth

- The stages of labor

- Breathing, relaxation and coping techniques

- How to avoid unnecessary medical interventions

- Potential hospital procedures and medication options

- Preparing your Birth Partner(s)

- How to create a Birth Plan

- How to stay healthy and "low-risk"

- Using birth positioning and birth props

- Postpartum Expectations


Whether you’re hoping for an unmedicated birth or are looking forward to an epidural, planning for

a c-section or hoping for a VBAC, this class will leave you feeling empowered and prepared to navigate every possible birth scenario. 

Series takes place on Sundays from 3-5:30pm. No classes held on major holidays.


2022 Series Start Dates: 1/23, 2/13, 5/1, 6/26, 8/14, 10/2, & 11/20

Read more about this class in the FAQ below, and check out our other educational offerings, including infant and breastfeeding classes, private sessions, and in-person childbirth classes in Baltimore.

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Childbirth Class!

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What will you learn in Childbirth Classes?

Understand Stages of Labor
Develop a
Birth Plan
Learn your Birth Options
What to expect After Birth

Get Prepared with Infant & Parenting Classes

Ready to Learn more? 

There is so much change and development that happens for both the baby, the parents, and your relationship together over the first weeks and months after a child is born. 

Getting a good start means knowing how to care for your baby's needs, how to soothe, feed, and nap them, how to share the workload, and what to expect of yourselves and each other.

Bring your partner and meet parents like you to prepare for your next great chapter together.