Gain Confidence & Calm with Online Childbirth Classes

Research shows that people who take childbirth classes are better prepared for labor and delivery, are more likely to achieve their birth plan, and less likely to experience psychological distress during or after birth. 

Our goal is help families feel as confident and prepared as possible for their Baby's arrival.

The Womb Room's online Evidence-Based Childbirth Classes are led by highly trained and experienced Birth Educators. Our Online Childbirth Classes take place on Zoom, and in-person classes are in Baltimore, all in a friendly, fun, and open-minded community environment of parents going through the same thing together. 

Each of our classes are also offered privately, to match your learning style and preferences - more details below.


Register for Childbirth Classes below and contact us with any questions!

What are the Benefits of Childbirth Classes?

Gain Confidence

Knowledge reduces uncertainty and anxiety, helping with planning and healthy expectations.

Lower Stress

Preparation aids in relaxation, making oxytocin - a hormone crucial to the progression of labor.

Improve Outcomes

Evidence-based education improves the likelihood of achieving a positive birth experience.

Connect with Peers

Meet and relate to other expectant families to reduce isolation and build your parent community.


6-Week Holistic Childbirth Series


Thoughtfully designed by our Expert Educators, this Virtual Series will empower you

and your partner to calmly and confidently navigate your Baby's birth.

Whether planning to birth in a hospital, at home, or in a birth center --

You will Learn:

- How to prepare for birth

- The stages of labor

- Breathing, relaxation and coping techniques

- How to avoid unnecessary medical interventions

- Potential hospital procedures and medication options

- Preparing your Birth Partner(s)

- How to create a Birth Plan

- How to stay healthy and "low-risk"

- Using birth positioning and birth props

- Postpartum Expectations


Whether you’re hoping for an unmedicated birth or are looking forward to an epidural, planning for a c-section, or hoping for a VBAC -- This class will leave you and your partner feeling empowered and prepared to navigate every possible birth scenario. 

Series Start Dates:

6/26, 8/14, 8/25, 10/2, 11/20, & 12/1/22

Sunday seres' are from 3-5:30pm, Thursday series' are from 6:30-9pm,

and Saturdays series' are from 10am-12:30pm for 6 consecutive weeks.

Classes are not held on major holidays, and will instead skip to the following week.

$295 covers all 6 sessions for both partners!

Read more about this class in the FAQ below. Also check out our other educational offerings, including infant and breastfeeding classes, private sessions, and in-person childbirth classes in Baltimore!

Classes to Prepare for Postpartum

So, you're ready for birth. Now what?

Too often, parents spend so much time preparing for the birth of their Baby that they are left

unprepared for what comes next.

This is why we have carefully created these complementary classes to help prepare your family to know how to best care for your Baby, to get you all the rest you can, and to understand what to expect.

Here's the information we've found that most couples need, offered Virtually!

Postpartum & Baby Basics

A manual for early Parenthood.

This 2.5-hour virtual class covers what to expect in the early days with your baby.

Learn how to keep your baby safe and healthy, common hospital procedures, baby-wearing & other comfort techniques, reading your Baby's cues, diapering feeding & bathing - all things newborns!

Infant Feeding Basics

Your guide to lactation.

Learn the basics in this 2-hour virtual class, and get breastfeeding off to the very best start. 

You'll be prepared with the knowledge you need to help your baby latch, to know that breastfeeding is going well, and tips and tricks to get you through any rough patches. 

Couples Communication

The keys to connection.

In this 2-hour virtual class, you and your partner will learn proven skills for strengthening communication, addressing conflict, and growing affection in your relationship. 

It is true, your life will never be the same after having a baby, but with the right tools, your relationship can grow even stronger through it all!


Packages to Save on Childbirth Classes

Complete Education

Save on 4 Classes of Your Choice!

Get you and your partner prepared  & empowered for your journey into parenthood.
  • Holistic Childbirth
  • Postpartum & Baby Basics
  • Infant Feeding Basics
  • Couples Communication
  • Comfort Measures

($200 savings!)
Holistic Support

Birth Doula, Yoga & ALL Classes

In addition to all of our classes, gain the support, planning, and advocacy of a Doula, plus all Yoga.
  • Access to All Education Classes
  • Virtual or In-Person Birth Doula
  • All Online Workshops
  • All Prenatal, Postnatal and Baby & Me Yoga Online or In-Person 

($1,000 savings!)


Not seeing class dates that work with your schedule or due date?

Prefer learning in a 1-on-1 setting?


The Womb Room offers Private Childbirth Classes with our Expert Educators!

Holistic Childbirth Essentials OR  

Out-of-Hospital Childbirth Essentials 

(Each 7 hours TOTAL offered in 2 sessions)


Comfort Measures 

Postpartum & Baby Basics

Infant Feeding Basics

(Each 2-3 hrs TOTAL offered in 1 session)

$199 per class

Private Classes are held on Zoom or In-Person with a driving fee.

Childbirth Classes in Baltimore

Prefer to learn in-person? Join these Childbirth Classes in Baltimore!

We are so excited to be offering in-person classes at our new studio!

We are located in Hampden - 3355 Keswick Rd, Ste 104 Baltimore, MD 21211 (The Keswick Castle)


Covid Protocols: We follow city guidelines and masks are optional in the studio at this time.

All Womb Room Yoga instructors have been vaccinated. Props are sanitized between classes and windows will be opened whenever possible to increase airflow.

More class information provided when you click "Book Now"!

Comfort Measures

Hands-on prep for labor & birth. 

In this 2.5 hr workshop, you will learn and practice prop-use, breathing and relaxation techniques, medication-free pain management, massage, imagery, and partner communication skills. This class beautifully compliments the Holistic Childbirth Series or Essentials, or is valuable on its own!

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 4.16.27 PM.png
Postpartum & Baby Basics

A manual for early Parenthood.

This 2.5-hour virtual class covers what to expect in the early days with your baby.

Learn how to keep your baby safe and healthy, common hospital procedures, baby-wearing & other comfort techniques, reading your Baby's cues, diapering feeding & bathing - all things newborns!

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 3.15.16 PM.png
Holistic Childbirth Essentials

Your 1-day birth class.

This 7-hour class is designed to prepare the busy couple for what to expect in labor & birth.

Learn nutrition and exercise to stay low-risk; what to expect during labor, epidurals, and cesarean section; coping techniques and couples communication for labor; and writing a birth plan. 

Childbirth Education Review 9
Childbirth Education Review 9

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Frequently Answered Questions

about Childbirth Classes

What do Childbirth Classes Teach?

Childbirth Classes empower birthing families with information to understand and navigate the process of labor and birth, as smoothly as possible. It is about answering the most burning questions, as well as those families don't know to ask, such as when to head to the hospital, what to expect in each of the stages of labor, self-advocacy techniques, how to improve your chances of achieving the birth you desire, and what to do if things veer off course.

Our Education classes are Evidence-Based and have been carefully and thoughtfully created by our team of Birth Experts to give you the tools you need and to build your birthing confidence, in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

What to expect at Childbirth Class?

Our Childbirth Classes consist of groups of 5-10 people or couples, meeting online or in-person to learn about and prepare for childbirth. Is childbirth class worth it? Absolutely. Studies prove Childbirth Education improves birth outcomes, reduces c-sections, and improves self-reported birth satisfaction, while decreasing birth trauma. For these reasons, we thoroughly believe in quality Childbirth Education for everyone!


We'd love for you to take a look at our Reviews to see for yourself, just how helpful our classes are have been for others. Chances are, if you are asking the question, "should I take a childbirth class" -- the answer is absolutely, yes!

What is a Childbirth Educator?

A Childbirth Educator is someone who has completed formal training in learning the ins-and-outs of birth (pun intended!), and uses this knowledge to teach expectant families the information, skills and strategies to achieve a positive and empowering birth experience.

When to take Childbirth Classes?

It is recommended to complete Childbirth Education between 24-36 weeks of Pregnancy. You want the information to be fresh, but you don't want to risk missing classes due to an early birth!

How can I find Childbirth Classes near me?

While there are certainly benefits of attending Childbirth classes in-person, Online Childbirth Classes have made it possible for everyone to access quality education from anywhere in the world! 

If you're in or near Baltimore, MD, join us for in-person classes at one of our studio locations! If elsewhere, our Online Childbirth Classes could be a great option for you.  Check out the Schedule for options.

What to wear to Childbirth Classes?

You'll want to wear something comfortable that you can move around in, such as yoga clothes our loungewear. No class activities involve or require any special clothing.

What to bring to Childbirth Classes?

Be prepared with a bottle of water, snacks, as needed, and a comfortable seat.  Since our classes are held in Yoga Studios, our seating options are yoga back chairs, or the floor.  Feel free to bring alternative seating, such as camp chairs, if you prefer.

Can I bring my Partner?

We highly recommend bringing your birthing partner to all of your Childbirth Classes. This can be a spouse, friend, parent, or anyone who you plan to have support you in your labor and baby's birth. Much of the curriculum is focused on communicating with and utilizing your support people to improve your experience of labor and birth.

Are Childbirth Classes covered by Insurance?

We understand that the expenses when having a baby can add up. Luckily, many people are able to receive reimbursement from their insurance companies for their Childbirth Education Classes. The Womb Room happily supports this process by providing you with the necessary documentation required to seek this reimbursement. That being said, it is best to call your insurance company ahead of time to determine what type of coverage to expect.

Do you accept FSA's or HSA's for Childbirth Classes?

Yes! Simply choose the Paypal option when checking out for any Womb Room Class or service.

Do you offer Private Childbirth Classes?

Yep! The Womb Room offers Private Classes Online or In-Person, by request, and Group and Private Childbirth Classes in Baltimore. Register here, and contact us with any questions!