Yoga, like parenthood,

requires strength, balance,

& practice.

Post- & Prenatal Yoga in Baltimore, MD & now virtually around the world!


You reach towards your toes, right up to your edge, and peer over it.

A bead of sweat drips across your brow as you sink into your stretch, and you realize: you needed this. This time to reconnect, to recalibrate, and to breathe. To be with Moms from the community surrounding you, on the same yoga journey through motherhood.


You leave feeling a deep sense of connection to yourself, to your baby, and to your community. You are rooted and renewed. 

Join The Womb Room community for pregnancy and prenatal Yoga in Baltimore and virtually.


Prepare your body and mind for the greatest journey yet!

Yoga benefits may include:

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Improve confidence

  • Decrease aches & pains

  • Increase flexibility

  • Learn breathing techniques

  • Prepare your body for labor

  • Community Support

Yoga Class Descriptions:

Virtual LIVE Class Offerings:


All classes involve community, support, movement and meditation in-one!

Class-passes and donations accepted. Register on the Schedule below.

Baby & Me Yoga


Practicing yoga WITH your baby is a wonderful way to heal from pregnancy, bond mindfully and build and essential mom-tribe. This weekly class is relaxed and informal, including activities with and without your baby (in case they are sleeping!) with plenty of time & space allowed for feeding, diapering and meeting baby’s needs. Appropriate for babies of all ages.

Pre & Postnatal Yoga Series Cohorts

Forming Now! - Dates will be released soon!


Prenatal Yoga Baltimore


Prenatal Yoga focuses on enhancing comfort, building strength & endurance, relieving stress, easing aching hips and back, and building skills for labor, birth and parenting. Series cohorts will connect those throughout the experience of pregnancy with weekly check-ins, and other community building activities. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy!

Postnatal Yoga


A gentle practice for those getting back into yoga after having a baby, focused on healing and repairing the body and mind from pregnancy and childbirth. Series cohorts will connect those post-pregnancy in the postpartum experience with weekly check-ins, and other community building activities. Appropriate for those cleared for post birth physical activity and beyond! 


Pelvic Floor Yoga Workshops 

featuring Brielle Weber, PYT/RN

& guest speaker, Joy Noble, DPT

Postnatal: Sunday, October 25th  12-2:30pm

Prenatal: Sunday, November 22nd  12-2:30pm

$45 per session or $60 for both

This dynamic workshop features a presentation and Q&A with Baltimore-based Physical Therapist, Dr. Joy Noble, specializing in pelvic health, pre- and postpartum physical therapy, orthopedics, dry needling and postpartum corrective exercise, followed by an informative and rejuvenating pelvic floor-focused yoga flow with Brielle Weber.  


Each part will focus on the workings of the pelvic floor, including how to connect, strengthen, and lengthen your innermost core, while properly engaging through visualization, breathwork, and dynamic movements.

Anyone who is pregnant, has ever experienced pregnancy, or would simply like to learn more about

this topic will benefit from these workshops.

Please be prepared with the following props: yoga strap (or belt), blanket, bolster (or pillow), and yoga blocks (or books).

Workshops will be recorded for those who cannot attend at the scheduled date/time.


Register for Yoga Classes/Workshops:

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