Yoga, like parenthood,

requires strength, balance,

& practice.

Gentle, Postnatal & Prenatal Yoga

in Baltimore, MD


You reach towards your toes, right up to your edge, and peer over it.

A bead of sweat drips across your brow as you sink into your stretch, and you realize: you needed this. This time to reconnect, to recalibrate, and to breathe. To be with Moms from the community surrounding you, on the same yoga journey through motherhood.


You leave feeling a deep sense of connection to yourself, to your baby, and to your community. You are rooted and renewed. 

Join your community at The Womb Room and prepare your body and mind for the greatest journey yet.

Yoga benefits may include:

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Improve confidence

  • Decrease aches & pains

  • Increase flexibility

  • Learn breathing techniques

  • Prepare your body for labor

  • Find support from Mom community in Maryland

Class Descriptions:

Virtual LIVE Class Offerings:


All classes involve community, support, movement and meditation in-one!

Class-passes and donations accepted. Register on the Schedule below.

Prenatal Yoga Baltimore


Prenatal Yoga focuses on enhancing comfort, building strength & endurance, relieving stress, easing aching hips and back, and building skills for labor, birth and parenting. Each session includes a check-in for community building and mutual support. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. 

Gentle Yoga


A gentle practice for those getting back into yoga after having a baby, recovering from injury, or starting from scratch. Gentle Yoga focuses on building strength and flexibility at a soft pace, while calming the nervous system and restoring balance to the body. All are invited to this class!


Prenatal/Postnatal/Gentle Yoga


Connect with other parents and parents-to-be in this beautiful blended class, focused on gentle movement for the expanding or postpartum body. Modifications will be offered for increased or eased intensity. 


NEW! - Pelvic Floor: 2-Part Yoga Series Workshop with Brielle Weber


The best way to achieve a healthy pelvic floor is through breathing deeply and practicing good posture.

But what else can we do?


In this workshop, you'll learn ways to connect, strengthen, and lengthen your innermost core while learning to properly engage your pelvic floor through visualization, guided meditation, and dynamic movements. This two part series will start with a session on connecting and engaging, and will end with a session on how to integrate this new awareness 
into your yoga practice and everyday life. Appropriate for both labor + delivery preparation and postnatal recovery. 

Please be prepared with the following props: yoga strap (or belt), blanket, bolster (or pillow), and yoga blocks (or books).


July 29th & August 5th, 6:30-8pm - $60 per series

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