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Mental strength is not the absence of darkness.


It is the willingness to seek the light, and to ask for help. 

Find Support from a Therapist in Baltimore


We are never truly prepared for what it means to be a parent. Sometimes the emotional toll

can feel like too much to bear. Adjusting to this new role can feel confusing and isolating.


Consulting with a professional mental health therapist in Baltimore who understands the range of experiences of growing a family, and wants to help you make sense of yours, can make all the difference.


The Womb Room is dedicated to providing a safe place for Moms and parents -- to feel heard, held, and understood, and to develop the insight and tools necessary to be present for your family and your life.

Therapists at The Womb Room

Mental Health Services:

Individual Therapy


Meet one-on-one online with a licensed psychotherapist in a safe and confidential space to explore your feelings, behaviors and beliefs associated with your specific life experiences. All of our therapists are specialists in the area of Maternal Mental Health and are trained to provide support in the areas of the reproductive life cycle.


Common struggles include: depression, anxiety, OCD, co-parenting concerns, ambivalence, identify shift, isolation, trauma, anger, guilt, shame, self-esteem, body struggles, etc.

Couples Therapy

Communication is key amongst couples entering the territory of parenthood. Whether you're trying to be proactive or are in the struggle, couples therapy helps with gaining insight from a third-party to improve communication skills so you can tackle the inevitable challenges of parenthood as a team rather than as opponents. (No openings for Couples Therapy at this time).

Group Therapy



Therapy provided in a group setting to share experiences and connect with others while gaining validation, tools and techniques for recovery.


Join our completely free weekly support group run by our therapists called 'It Takes a Village.'


To experience the deep connection, support, and education of Group Therapy, consider our 'Afterglow' postpartum therapy group, and the follow-up group 'After the Afterglow.' For parents exploring Anxiety specific concerns, join our 'Equilibrium' therapy group (next dates coming soon!).