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Social Groups for Moms and Families

to grow, learn, heal, and play!


Join us for Parent & Mom Support Groups in Baltimore and Online

Navigating the journey of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood can be a whirlwind of emotions, challenges, and joyous moments. While every parent's journey is unique, the value of shared experiences, understanding nods, and heartfelt advice is universal.

At The Womb Room, we recognize the transformative power of community. Our parent and mom support groups, both in the heart of Baltimore and online, offer a warm and welcoming space for parents and parents-to-be to connect, share their stories, learn from one another, and find solace.

Whether you're seeking guidance, laughter, healing, or simply a moment to play and relax, our community is here to uplift and empower you every step of the way.

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Pregnancy, Postpartum, Parenting & Mom Support Groups

Whatever your journey or experience, we have a parent or mom support group tailored just for you, ensuring you find the understanding, connection, and guidance you seek.

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Book a Support Group in Baltimore or Online

Click below to book your spot in an in-person group at our studio in

Baltimore, Maryland, or online through zoom!

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and invitations to groups and events.

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Benefits of Parent and Mom Support Groups

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In our support groups, you'll forge meaningful bonds with others who share similar experiences, creating a safe space to be heard and understood.


Beyond individual connections, our groups cultivate a nurturing community, where members uplift, support, and champion one another through each phase of their journey.


Engage in enlightening discussions, gain fresh perspectives, and access valuable resources that enhance your knowledge and confidence in your journey. 


Meet our Group Leaders

Our support group leaders are compassionate professionals with a deep understanding of perinatal wellness. Drawing from their expertise and lived experiences, they facilitate conversations that are both insightful and healing.

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Parent & Mom Support Group Reviews

Discover why so many people love connecting with each other and professionals through The Womb Room.

Searching for 'mom support groups near me'? We offer support for all parents through online and in person groups.


Read more about people's experiences with the Womb Room at our Google Reviews (Over 120 Five-Star Reviews!)

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Why Join Parent Support Groups with The Womb Room?



Our approach encompasses both the body and mind, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced wellness journey for you and your baby.



The Womb Room is a haven for all birthing folks We celebrate diversity and ensure that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and supported.



Over the years, we've built a strong reputation for excellence, thanks to countless glowing testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals.



Join our many groups in-person in Baltimore, and online anywhere in the world. Including FREE & insurance accepted groups!

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FAQs about Support Groups

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