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Education, Services + Yoga Gift Card


Give a gift of yoga, support, education and self-care!

We welcome parents at every step of their fertility, pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey. Gift access to any of The Womb Room's offerings!

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Education, Services or Yoga Gift Card

Give a gift card for yoga, education, support, and self-care!

This gift card may be applied to any of The Womb Room's offerings to assist parents on their journey.

You may select one of the amounts above, or enter another amount that suits you. Gift cards are digitally delivered to an email of your choice, on a date of your choice, and personalized with your message.  


Here are some popular ways that people opt to use this gift card, virtually or in person:

Childbirth Education - A proven way to enhance positive birth outcomes, physically and psychologically, is through childbirth education. Studies and reviews reveal that educe anxiety, fear, and discomfort by learning about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Gift access or support towards our incredible classes.

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga -  Yoga by trained prenatal and postnatal instructors provides opportunities for women to meet in a supportive and educational community, online or in person. Participants also enjoy sharing brief personal check-ins before class, to gain perspective and support, to set intentions, and to make your class more more meaningful and useful. We offer yoga access per class, monthly, or yearly.

Birth & Postpartum Doula - Get close personal Doula support, coaching, and advice through pregnancy, labor and birthing, and postpartum. Postpartum services can include daily and overnight care, so parents can get some rest, recuperation, and reassurance. Provide a gift card towards birth or postpartum Doula support.


You can even apply it towards renting the Womb Room for a baby shower, or private classes.

Contact us here or email Support@WombRoom.Mom if you have any questions!

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