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Give a gift of yoga, enrichment, support, and self-care!

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We welcome parents at every step of their journey to find all the support, knowledge, inspiration, and community that they need.

Check out our open, education, and yoga gift card options to celebrate someone special in your life.

Gift Cards are delivered to you in the form of an email with a certificate and code you can print out or forward, and if you prefer, we can reach out to the person to deliver their gift directly. 


Email us for assistance with Gift Cards: Support@WombRoom.Mom.


Yoga Gift Card

Yoga Series are great opportunities for women to meet in a familiar cohort over 4-6 weeks. This way you get to know each other, community develops, and your check-ins before class are more meaningful and useful.

Baby & Me

Enjoy a yoga workout and bonding experience with your baby!

4 Week Session


Postnatal Yoga

Recover your strength, balance, and peace in this gentle series.​

4 Week Session


Prenatal Yoga

Stretch through pregnancy, and prepare for birth with others.​

6 Week Session


Gift an Education Course

The top proven way to enhance positive birth outcomes, physically and psychologically, are through childbirth education. Reduce anxiety, fear, and discomfort by learning about pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Baby Basics

Your crash course and handbook to parenthood.


3 Hour Course


Birth Basics

What to expect during pregnancy and labor.


1 Day Course, 7 Hrs


Holistic Childbirth

Understand labor, birth, and comfort measures.

6 Week Course


Out-of-Hospital Birth

Homebirth and birthing center focused program.


6 Week Course​



"As many today, I became pregnant for the first time while living far away from family and friends. This felt lonely and I worried – how would I find my village? I could never have known how the classes offered at The Womb Room would end up providing this sense of belonging and community for me." 

- Laure-Hélène


"I’m so grateful I was able to make The Womb Room a part of my pregnancy. I loved connecting with others mamas-to-be, and I learned a ton from the instructors. I can’t imagine going through pregnancy without it. I’ll definitely be back for postpartum yoga!"

- Danielle K.


 "I love The Womb Room! Clean, beautiful, open space with phenomenal instructors, an outstanding variety of class offerings, and an unyielding dedication to the community and its people."

- Caitlyn D.

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