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Online Baby Sleep Consultant

Quality rest is crucial for you and your baby's health and well-being.

Insufficient quality of sleep is a common element that disrupts families from getting the vital energy they need to face the next day. This sense of exhaustion can affect every aspect of your life, and can feel hopeless to get out of.

How, you are wondering, can you just get your baby to sleep!!?

The idea of sleep training tends to get a bad rap as a one-size-fits-all approach that boils down to letting your child "cry it out". Fortunately, there are more gentle methods of sleep training that can be used to teach babies and toddlers to sleep independently. Meet online with a Baby Sleep Consultant to learn and support these methods.

Do you hear that? It's hope! That you and your baby or toddler can get a better night's sleep.

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What does an Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant do?

Your Baby Sleep Consultant works with you to understand your parenting style and your little one's temperament, and to come up with options that best fit each family's unique needs.


We aim to give parents a strong understanding of the method we are implementing so they feel comfortable, confident, and supported! With education and a detailed plan in hand, parents are set up for success when it comes to their little ones' sleep. 

Expert Virtual Sleep Support

Our Baby Sleep Consultant team is here to work with parents each step of the way so they can ask questions, track progress and have access to any additional support, resources, or referrals they may need.


Contact us with any questions or to get started, or book a Sleep Consultant service directly below!

Sleep Challenges Addressed

Sleep Environment
Safe Sleep Practices
Sleep Schedule
Soothing Tactics
Sleep Routines
Falling Asleep

Reserve Sleep Consultant Services

Select a Sleep Support Program that works for you.

We offer two Baby Sleep Consultant packages to support your family based on the age of your child. These packages are based on the typical amount of support required to help families make a plan and overcome their sleep challenges.

Our programs are designed for parents looking for compassionate and expert education and support. 

We aim for and typically see immediate improvements in you and your baby's sleep, once you understand and implement the plan. We are confident that we can help your family sleep better within 30 days or less.

Contact us with any questions, or you can book directly below!

Newborn Sleep Support Package - $299

Is getting your newborn to sleep turning out to be more difficult or different than you expected? 


Meet with a Certified Sleep Consultant to get the quality sleep your family needs.


The Newborn Support Package provides all of the information, tools for success, understanding and support you need to get off on the right foot or to see immediate improvements in newborn sleep.


Newborn Sleep Support package includes:


  • Consultation - A 30-60 minute zoom call to teach you about infant sleep and answer all your questions. 

  • Support -  Text support on night 1, and unlimited email support for 30 days.

  • Followup - 1 checkin call for 15 minutes within 30 days.

  • Education - Digital Resources & Tips on infant sleep.

Book Sleep Consulant

Infant & Toddler Sleep Support Package - $449

Meet with a Certified Sleep Consultant to get your toddler or baby back to sleep, and your family the rest it needs.


This Infant & Toddler Sleep Support Package provides all of the tools for success, for you to implement and see immediate sleep improvement, plus ongoing support throughout the month.


IPackage includes:

  • Consultation - A 30-60 minute zoom call so I can get to you know and your family's sleep situation and needs. 

  • Plan - A Customized Sleep Plan that is catered to your child's temperament and your parenting style.

  • Night 1 Support - Text support for the first night of your sleep plan, from 6-9pm.

  • Support -  Unlimited email support for 30 days, during normal business hours, where I will be helping you to optimize your little one's day and night sleep while answering any questions that may come up. 

  • Followup - 1 check-in call for 15-minutes at any available time during normal business hours within 30 days.

  • Education - Digital Resources & Tips on infant and toddler sleep, including a going forward plan that is jam-packed with tips for things like nap transitions, milestones, traveling, etc. 

  • Sleep Log - Access a digital Sleep Log to track your little one's sleep patterns, and to share it with your Consultant.

Meet our Gentle Sleep Training Expert

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​Krista Smith likes to give parents options to see what feels best for them when it comes to helping their little one sleep.


As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, she finds that when parents are supported through the sleep training process, not only do they reach their desired goal faster, but they also walk away with confidence knowing their child will sleep in any environment. 

Her breadth of experience in this field is informed by her work as a Postpartum Doula coaching parents on infant sleep, and as a Pediatric Sleep Academy certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant who is helping multiple families at a given time.

By working with families to help their little one sleep through the night,  she finds that stress levels are lowered leading to a happier, healthier family unit. Krista aims to teach valuable sleep skills that will carry through your little one's lifetime. ​

Want to Meet the Consultant before Booking?

Schedule a FREE no-pressure 15-minute Consult with Krista Smith, to learn more about her and her approach to helping her clients achieve better sleep!

We're in this Together.

We welcome all parents at every step of their journey to find the support, knowledge, and community they need.

Email us for assistance at Support@WombRoom.Mom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do babies start sleeping through the night?


Babies can start the sleep training process as early as 12 weeks. No time is too late to fix sleep patterns though! You want the best outcomes for your baby, your self, and your family, and that may be different from home to home.

What is the purpose of sleep training?


Sleep is so crucial to our human development and overall health. By creating a healthy sleep association early, babies and toddlers have easier transitions during developmental milestones, and have less stress and health issues throughout their lives. 

Sleep training helps babies and toddlers learn to fall asleep on their own which helps them to have healthy sleep habits that will last throughout their lives. It also helps parents and families to get better quality sleep.

How to sleep train babies?


I work with babies natural circadian rhythms so they are hitting their optimal sleep windows when their sleep drive is the highest. When meeting with parents, I like to discuss all aspects of their little one's sleep, including environment, schedule, and the parents' ultimate goals.


Together, we work on a plan that is most gentle on both baby and parent; with daily progress check ins. 

What are baby sleep training methods, and which do you recommend?

Are there effective alternatives to the cry it out method? Yes there are!

There are so many different methods to sleep train outside of the widely known, Cry it Out method, which basically consists of letting a child cry themselves back to sleep.


Our approach includes gentle sleep training methods. However, when working with parents, we always assess the family's personality, parenting style and temperament of baby, to help inform which method is best for them.

What does a Baby Sleep Consultant do?


A sleep consultant helps families to teach their little ones how to sleep independently, so they have a solid sleep foundation for the rest of their lives. 

Here are some common issues a sleep specialist can help with:

  • How to get a baby to sleep in a crib alone

  • Infant & Toddler Sleep Training methods

  • Gentle ways to sleep train

  • Sleep training for nap time

  • Baby crying in sleep

  • Soothing techniques

  • Environmental shifts

  • Bedtime routines

When to start sleep training? 


At 12 weeks old, babies have typically begun to roll over, which is a huge developmental milestone. This is the perfect time to begin a sleep program. 

How long does sleep training take?


Typically, parent's start to see improvement in their little one's sleep within the first couple of nights. 

Do all babies need to be sleep trained?

As much as human's have a need for sleep, we actually need help to learn how to fall asleep independantly. As babies, we do not know how to discern night from day, and need to not only be taught to sleep at night but, also how to link sleep cycles and self soothe so we can fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Is it different sleep training a toddler?


Absolutely! Toddlers are developmentally learning how to push boundaries and find their independence so, sleep training toddlers looks much different than sleep training a baby. With different methods to meet where they are at developmentally, and consistency, toddlers can not only be sleep trained but also love having a bedtime routine. 

In addition to infant sleep, we are trained and experienced in toddler sleep as well!

We work with parents to best understand their child's temperament and tendencies.


Together, we work on a plan that will best fit their little one's personality, as well as meet the goals of the parent, so that everyone starts to sleep through the night as soon as possible.

What is your service area? 


The Womb Room provides virtual sleep consultant services throughout the world via zoom, phone, email, and text.

How much does a sleep consultant cost? 


We offer two packages, which we have found address most families' sleep challenges, based on the age of your child.

See more about these packages above!

If you have any questions about your particular needs, or our costs or services, please feel free to reach out to us.

Is a baby sleep consultant covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, most insurance programs do not cover sleep consultations.


However, you can use most health savings accounts (FSA/HSA) to cover the fees!

I have more questions. Can I contact a Sleep Consultant first?

Of course! We are happy to help you find the information you need and the services that fit you the best. Schedule a FREE 15-minute consult to meet me, no commitment necessary.

Contact our passionate team of Baltimore local and virtual consultants to get in touch: Support@WombRoom.Mom

Meet our Group Leaders

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