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Much needed rest. A long shower. A walk alone.
Postpartum Doulas
make it happen.

Find Your Postpartum Doula in Baltimore


Our Doulas support families from DC to PA, and everywhere in between!


Postpartum Doulas are trained birth professionals who understand the range of experiences involved with bringing new life into the world, and into your home.


We bring an experienced set of hands to help ease your family's adjustment in those early days/months, to take on some of the physical and emotional load so that you can focus on the important things, like resting, self care, and enjoying your family ❤️

Postpartum Doula Services:

Caring for a newborn is hard. work. Whether you have lots of experience caring for babies or have never changed a diaper, we're there to help. The Womb Room provides an experienced Postpartum Doula near Baltimore, Maryland that is eager and equipped to make your family's transition a smooth one.

Let us take the edge off by holding and caring for the baby(ies) and/or siblings, cleaning up the home, running errands, or spending the night so you can get some much needed rest.


With multiple and custom packages, starting at only a 4-hour minimum, we're ready to join your support team!

Postpartum Doula Services Include:

  • No obligation In-Home or Virtual Consultation to assess whether we're a good match. :) 

  • Customized hours based on your families needs, starting at $40/hour depending on size of package.

  • Unlimited in-person or phone/text support during contracted hours.

  • Basic feeding support, as needed, and referrals provided when outside of our scope of training.

  • Physical and emotional support for birthing client and family.

  • Bottle-washing, laundry or cooking needs.

  • Care for infant so parents can take a break, nap, shower, etc.

  • Providing infant care education, help with baby-wearing, swaddling, etc.

  • Running errands for the family - grocery shopping, picking up diapers, etc.

  • Accompanying family to physician appointments to help with infant or siblings (useful for pediatric appointments with multiples).

  • Information, resources and referrals provided, as needed.

  • Option to extend contract at any time.

Interested in Virtual Postpartum Doula Services?


If you are looking for postpartum support, education, and connection, in a remote fashion through phone, text, and/or video chat, we offer virtual postpartum Doula services. Contact Doulas@WombRoom.Mom for more info.


Help with what you need,

when you need it.

Take a Break

Have a magical 4 hours to yourself to nap, shower, or take a walk. Catch up on your self care with our help!


​Breastfeeding support, babywearing assistance, swaddle instructions, etc.

Receive Support

Split 12 hours into 2 or 3 sessions, for some much needed support and rest.


An experienced professional in your home can provide reassurance and guidance to feel confident in those early days. We've got you!

Get a Good Night Sleep

Get a solid night of rest, knowing your baby is in good hands the entire time!

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