A guide and ally to support your family's birth experience.

Baltimore Doulas, In Person and Online!

Doulas provide physical relief, emotional support, and mental preparation for your birth journey.

Throughout time, women have played this sacred duty of supporting mothers through pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering. The Womb Room provides experienced Doulas in Baltimore to be your guide, as Birth Doulas or Postpartum Doulas, either in person with safety precautions, or virtually online.

The Womb Room's Baltimore Doulas

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Benefits of Birth Doulas:

  • Teach, coach, or provide methods for calming, focus, and relief.

  • Advocate on your behalf during your birth experience.
  • On call text, call, video, and email support.

  • Companionship, Empathy, and Solidarity.

  • Access and reference to additional resources and professionals.

  • Community Groups with Doulas to meet and learn from other new Moms.

  • Postpartum services to give you advice, check in about parenting, to help you sleep, clean up, take care of the other kids, or whatever you need!

  • Women with Doulas report experiencing less pain during labor, and have been shown to have shorter labors.

  • Doula assisted births experience 25-38% less C-sections.

  • Having a Birth Doula leads to a 31% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with birth experiences.

Support through Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum


In Person Birth Doula Services


​Doulas have always attended births to be in close physical and emotional support of a woman in labor. Due to the health crisis, however, regulations are temporarily in place to disallow anyone but your partner from attending a birth.


This means that Doulas are not being allowed to enter most hospitals. For these women, we are providing Virtual Doula Services, detailed below.

Doulas are still able to attend Homebirths, however. If you would like a Doula to attend your birth in person, with a mix of in person and phone support, reserve this service. Your Doula will use a mask and follow social distancing guidelines.

Virtual doula support is an adapted form of in-person pregnancy, birth, or postpartum support.


To fit to these unique times, remote support focuses even more on the family. This service is just as much for the seasoned parent as it is for a family that is welcoming their first child home.


We provide emotional and educational support through mediums such as Zoom, email, text, and phone calls. We serve families outside of Baltimore and Maryland, and have helped families across the country with the support they need through virtual doula services and groups.

Book Your Doula Support Services

  • Pregnancy Check-in, Birth Planning Session, and Followup Session.

    195 US dollars
  • 6 hours of Doula Support for $395. Schedule 1st hour upon booking:

    395 US dollars

Postpartum Doula Services

Caring for a newborn (and yourself) is hard work! 


Whether it is all new to you, or you have other kids and just need a break, we're there. The Womb Room Doulas in Baltimore are equipped and eager to support you however they can.

The Womb Room offers education and support customized to the needs of the family.


This can include: education on newborn care, infant feeding, basic lactation questions, baby wearing information, postpartum healing advice, discussing your birth story, nutritional support, providing community resources, and lending a non-judgemental listening ear. 

Let us take the edge off by holding and caring for the baby or older siblings, cleaning up the home, running errands, or spending the night so you can get some much needed rest. 

We are here for you during your entire fourth trimester!

Contact Doulas@WombRoom.Mom to discuss your needs!

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