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Expert Education on Feeding your Baby

Infant Feeding Basics is a comprehensive online Breastfeeding Class

Everything you need to know to get feeding your baby off to the very best start!  


Learn the basics of feeding your infant in this 2-hour online breastfeeding class to get off to the best start.

You'll be prepared with knowledge and confidence to understand whether feeding is going well or not, as well as tips and tricks to get you through the rough patches.


This class is designed for those planning to breastfeed (chestfeed or bodyfeed) however bottle feeding and formula feeding will be addressed as well, as well as when to know when to supplement.

Receive Expert Lactation Education & Support

Register here to sign up for this class taught by local International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Jonelle Lund.  

Workbook included! - includes a detailed workbook full of resources to reference during and after the class.

Feeding your infant is a wonderful experience, which also has its challenges. Fortunately we do not have to go through it alone, or to be unprepared. The right mindset, skills, and support makes you equipped and ready to do hard things!

You will learn and practice what you and your partner need to feed your infant.


Feel ready for anything, or overcome previous issues or concerns. This class is not a comprehensive childbirth education or infant care class. This class is beautifully complimented by the Holistic Childbirth Class, or is valuable on its own!


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What you will Learn in Infant Feeding Class

- Feeding cues

- Bottle techniques 

- Feeding schedules, and changes in feeding
- Latching, and overcoming common issues

- Preparing your partner for support and understanding

- Self care and nutrition to best nourish your child

- Using pumps, props, and supply support

- Preparation, expectations, and finding more help

- Plus so much more, and support from your Educator!

Skills you'll learn in Infant Feeding Class


Sense your baby's signals.


Feeding tricks and tips.


Nourishing yourself.


Tools and expert support.

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Our goal is help families feel as confident and prepared as possible for feeding their baby.

The Womb Room's classes are designed and led by highly trained and experienced Birth Educators with an inclusive and evidence-based curriculum and approach. In-Person classes take place at the Keswick Castle in Baltimore. Read more.

Our Online Breastfeeding Classes take place on Zoom, and in-person classes are in Baltimore, all in a friendly, fun, and open-minded, supportive community environment of parents going through the same thing together.


2022 Class Dates: 7/18 8/15 9/19 10/17 11/21 12/12

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