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Prepare for Early Parenthood

Gain Skills & Knowledge with your Partner in our Postpartum & Baby Basics Class

Tired of conflicting advice and overwhelming information? Imagine feeling empowered and prepared for those precious first weeks with your newborn. With Postpartum & Baby Basics, you and your partner can:

  • Understand your baby's world: Decipher those cries, soothe with confidence, learn the nuances of your baby's temperature, and how anticipate your little one's needs, all in mind before your baby arrives.

  • Navigate the practicalities with ease: Master diapering, bathing, and safe sleep practices – stress-free! We'll also cover what baby clothes you need, what baby home essentials to clock, and what soft toys and so on are best.

  • Create a nurturing haven: Discover comforting techniques, how to fit your baby's wardrobe, babywearing benefits, and essential hospital know-how for ultimate peace of mind.

Postpartum & Baby Basics is your guide to a smoother, more joyful start to parenthood. The first few weeks of being a parent have never been this bliss.

What you'll learn in Postpartum & Baby Basics
infant care classes


Learn baby wearing techniques, swaddling, diapering options, and ways to comfort an infant.


Learn what to expect from hospital or other birth procedures, and how to make an informed choice.


What are your baby's cues to interpret and meet their needs? How can you best communicate as a couple?


Learn to navigate a new identity, low sleep, and taking care of postpartum mental health.

Register for Postpartum & Baby Basics Classes Online or In-Person

Learn how to take care of your baby, your self, and your partnership.

Postpartum & Baby Basics is an evidence-based 2.5-hour in-studio class that covers what to expect in the early days with your baby. This includes access for partner, and a physical workbook for later referencing.

Parent-wise, we'll cover everything from breast milk to bottle brush technique and how to use a bottle drying rack, what you need to know about crib mattress choices, burp cloths, petroleum jelly usage, and diaper changes. Everything you need to know and unlimited access to ask whatever questions you may have.

And we don't forget to look after you either. We talk all about each essential item you need to look after yourself, must haves for the home, and a complete list of things to help you and your family thrive during this new chapter. 

Register for Baby Basics

Our goal is help families feel as confident and prepared as possible for their Baby's arrival.

The Womb Room's classes are designed and led by highly trained and experienced Birth Educators with an inclusive and evidence-based curriculum and approach.

Our online Childbirth Classes take place on Zoom, and in-person classes are in Baltimore. All include a friendly, fun, and open-minded, supportive community environment of parents going through the same thing, together! 

Register for Infant Care Classes below or private classes here, and contact us with any questions!

Brand New Postpartum & Baby Basics Workbook!

Included with your Postpartum & Baby Basics Class! Thoughtfully designed by our expert Educators working with a curriculum that is evidence-based, inclusive, diverse, and up-to-date. This book acts as a guide through the class for you and your partner, and gives you tips and methods to refer back to!

Meet our Educators


Kristie Graybill

Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist & Education Director

After becoming a Mom and experiencing the three beautiful births of her daughters, Kristie realized just how much of a difference thorough preparation and support can make!


Reviews of our Infant Care Classes

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Packages to Save on Childbirth Classes

Complete Education

Save on 4 Classes of Your Choice!

Get you and your partner prepared, informed, and empowered for your journey into parenthood.


($200 savings!)

Holistic Support

Birth Doula, Yoga & ALL Classes

In addition to all of our classes, gain the support, planning, and advocacy of a Doula, plus all Yoga.

  • Access to All Education Classes
  • Virtual or In-Person Birth Doula
  • All Online Workshops
  • Lactation Consultation
  • All Yoga Online and In-Person 

($1,000 savings!)


More Support for Parents

Build Your Support System for your Journey into Parenthood


The birth is just the beginning. Don't get caught unprepared for the amazing journey ahead.

As excited parents-to-be, the focus is often on the big day. But what about those first blurry weeks and months with your newborn? The Womb Room understands.


We've designed classes and services to bridge that knowledge gap, so you can:

  • Feel confident in caring for your baby: Learn the everyday essentials that bring peace of mind and foster a deeper connection.

  • Maximize precious rest: Get the sleep strategies and support you desperately need to function – and thrive!

  • Navigate the unexpected with ease: Understand what's normal, what's not, and where to turn for help.

Empower yourself now for a smoother transition. Choose from our online or in-person offerings, designed specifically to address the most common challenges faced by new parents.






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