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Conscious Parenting

a Nature Therapy Mini-Retreat

  • From 195 US dollars
  • The Womb Room at the Keswick Castle

Class Description:

This innovative mini-retreat invites you to take the next step in becoming a conscious parent(s), using the benefits of nature! With support from Licensed Therapist, Nathalie Savell, you will learn how to use and integrate the wisdom, presence, and connection that nature has to offer, using conscious parenting practices. Next chance to join - Sunday, March 24th from 1-4:30pm Optional Follow up Group - April 12th from 12-1:30pm, on Zoom! Build your inner resources so that you can better cope with the stressors of modern parenthood. You will have a chance to connect with yourself and others on the parenting journey, while learning new perspectives and brain-based strategies, so that you can create stronger connections with your children, that foster mutual respect, cooperation, and emotional regulation. Here are some things you can expect to learn: - the difference between conscious vs. fear-based parenting - self-regulation/stress and anger management - important aspects of your child's developmental phase, so you can meet them where they are - communication strategies to improve cooperation, mutual respect, and harmonious household dynamics - ways to set compassionate limits - how to build authentic relationships with your kids, so that you both feel heard and understood, and to ensure they receive positive relationship skills that can carry through life Please dress appropriately for the weather, as part of this event will take place outside! Personal sharing will be encouraged, but is not required. Space is very limited in this event, so register today! ---- Led by Nathalie Savell, LCPC, Certified Parent Educator Nathalie is a licensed therapist of about 10 years residing in Maryland. In addition to being a Certified Parent Educator through the Teach Through Love program, designed by Lori Petro, she is also a Certified Stepfamily Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach. She has 1 stepchild and 2 bio children, ages 13, 9 and 4. Her own journey through parent and stepparenthood, as someone with ADHD and a commitment to personal growth, has given her a lot of experience and knowledge of what can prevent us from feeling good about ourselves as parents, and how to work on ourselves to become the leaders our kids need us to be. Learn more about Nathalie at

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