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Pelvic Mechanics for Birth

2 hr Workshop

  • 60 US dollars
  • The Womb Room at the Keswick Castle

Class Description:

Join Brielle Weber and Dr. Joy for another informative Pelvic Floor Yoga Workshop! In this workshop, you can expect to learn: - ways to facilitate physiological birth by understanding the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis - how to prevent stalls during various stages of labor - movements and strategies for each stage of labor, based on your baby's location in the pelvis - breathing techniques for pushing, to see what feels best in your body - how to facilitate pelvic floor healing and reconnection in postpartum, in the case of a c-section While this workshop is appropriate for all types of births, whether in a hospital or at home, special attention will be paid to ways movement might be restricted during hospital birthing. Tips will be provided to help increase pelvic mobility and relaxation in the case of continuous monitoring or use of an epidural. This class is appropriate for anyone interested in the subject matter; however, the ideal timing is after taking the PREnatal Pelvic Floor Workshop, and before the POSTnatal Pelvic Workshop. :)

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