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Prenatal Massage
in Baltimore MD

Let Yourself be Nurtured


Experience the Healing Power of Pregnancy Massage in Baltimore

Step into a realm of calm and nurturing at The Womb Room, where our specialized prenatal massages are crafted to meet the unique needs of expectant parents in Baltimore.


In the tranquil setting of our studio, our skilled therapists tailor each massage to soothe the physical discomforts and emotional misalignments that can arise throughout pregnancy and parenthood.


Prenatal massage at The Womb Room not only alleviates tension and pain but also supports a deeper connection between you and your baby.


We're here to ensure you feel supported, relaxed, and cherished, providing a peaceful retreat from the normal stresses of daily life while growing your family.

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Over 130 5-star Reviews 


Prenatal Massage in Baltimore, MD

75-Minute Massages

At The Womb Room in Hampden, Baltimore

Meet our Perinatal Massage Therapist


Erik Graham

Massage Therapist

I try to live as vibrantly and consciously as possible, and am devoted to bringing relief from our physical bodies in hopes to improve quality of life.

Existing is a very physically-demanding endeavor. I hope to encourage balance and restore the body's ability to achieve homeostasis. I hope to encourage and enable people to live their lives and express their gifts more truly and fully, through bodywork and movement.

In 2004, a good friend of mine caught his new daughter born at home, in Washington State. I had no idea that was even an option before, but suddenly knew this is what I wanted when I was to become a father. Fast forward to July 2014, my daughter Vivian was born in the comfort and safety of our home, and then my son, Dylan, in 2019. Both were truly magical and transformative experiences, as Fatherhood has been since.

I became trained in Prenatal Massage in order to support my partner through the many demands of pregnancy and motherhood. Since then, prenatal massage is one of my favorite massages to give, as it provides so much respite and relief to someone who is giving so much. This is something I wish for all Parents and Parents-to-be.


Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary physical and emotional change. Incorporating prenatal massage into your care regimen can significantly enhance your wellbeing during this transformative period.


At The Womb Room in Baltimore, our tailored pregnancy massages offer a multitude of benefits that not only soothe your body but also uplift your spirit. Here are the top three benefits you can expect:

Reduced Stress
& Anxiety

Prenatal massage helps release endorphins and lower stress hormones, fostering relaxation and reducing anxiety to help you stay calm and balanced throughout your pregnancy.

Alleviate Common Pregnancy Ailments

Targeted massage techniques improve circulation, soothe aching muscles, and reduce swelling, addressing common pregnancy pains like backaches, stiff neck, and leg cramps for greater comfort.

Bond with Your Baby

The tranquil environment during a massage session provides a special time for you to connect with your baby, enhancing emotional bonds through peaceful and reflective moments.

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If you're interested in a pregnancy massage, check out many classes and offerings The Womb Room has to offer, with Memberships!


Become a monthly or annual member, or access everything with Holistic Doula Package!



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75-minute custom massage 

In Hampden • Packages Available


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75-minute custom massage 

In your home • Packages Available

Holistic Support



Doula Support • Unlimited Yoga and Education + 10% off Massage, Lactation and Placenta Services

FAQs about Prenatal Massage in Baltimore

"I am in LOVE with this place!"

I signed up for the holistic package and am so pleased with my experience. My Saturday mornings are not the same unless I go to my prenatal yoga class. I feel so uplifted, supported and relieved.

- Haelly Kirk

"This place is a gem."

 "I tried out prenatal yoga at the Womb Room in the beginning of my third trimester and quickly became a regular. Classes are perfectly paced, and it's such a calming, welcoming space." 

- Caitlyn McGough

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"Such a source of joy for my family!"

Wake Up Wiggles has been such a source of joy for my family! I learned new techniques for imaginative play with my daughter and she had a blast. Also got some really great advice from Corinne after class that I was able to utilize immediately

- Mateo Marquez

Why Choose The Womb Room for Pregnancy Massage in Baltimore?

At The Womb Room, we understand that choosing the right support during your pregnancy is crucial. Here’s why our center stands out as a leading choice for prenatal massage in Baltimore:


Our massage therapists are seasoned professionals who specialize in prenatal care, ensuring you receive expert attention tailored to your pregnancy needs.


Each therapist at The Womb Room holds certifications in prenatal massage, affirming their expertise and commitment to providing safe, effective care.


Known throughout Baltimore for quality and care, The Womb Room is a well-established center that has earned a solid reputation for excellence in prenatal wellness.


We pride ourselves on creating a secure and comforting environment where you can relax and trust in the hands of our professional caregivers.


Our approach to prenatal massage considers all aspects of your well-being, integrating techniques that support both physical health and emotional tranquility.


We welcome all expectant mothers and families. Our services are designed to be inclusive, respecting and celebrating diverse backgrounds and needs.


The techniques we employ are grounded in the latest research, ensuring that our practices not only feel good but are also beneficial for you and your baby.


Located in the heart of Baltimore, The Womb Room is easy to reach, making it a convenient option for all local and nearby expectant parents.

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