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Kristie Graybill


Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist & Education Director

"I am so passionate about connecting with parents, locally and abroad, both new and experienced, and guiding them in this wonderfully rewarding and challenging transition through Parenthood."

After becoming a Mom and experiencing the three beautiful births of her daughters, Kristie realized just how much of a difference thorough preparation and support can make!

With an Education background, Kristie turned her experience and interest into a life passion, by becoming a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and Childbirth Educator.


She has been providing holistic, top-quality Childbirth Education to expectant families through The Womb Room since 2019, providing the information, comfort and confidence it takes to achieve a positive birth and introduction to parenthood.

Kristie Graybill is originally from Louisiana, but LOVES and considers Baltimore her home. She previously taught Language Arts to 5th graders in Baltimore, and now is a full-time Birth Worker and parent to her three girls.

Kristie's Certifications:

- Womb Room Certified Childbirth Educator

- Master's Degree in Education from Loyola University

- Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

- Spinning Babies®️ Certified Parent Educator

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Kristie's Classes:

Holistic Childbirth Series


This 6-week class will provide you with the tools and information you need to understand the process of labor and birth, teach you relaxation techniques for increasing comfort in labor and help you understand hospital procedures and medication options.


Whether you’re hoping for an unmedicated birth or are looking forward to an epidural, planning for a c-section or hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) -- this class will leave you feeling empowered and prepared to navigate your baby’s special birth-day!


Detailed workbook included. *Note that for any missed classes, instructor will provide a make-up video for home-viewing.  $395 per couple.

Holistic Childbirth Essentials

Learn the basics of birth in this full-day class, starting from prenatal nutrition and exercise for staying healthy and "low-risk"; what to expect during labor, epidurals, and cesarean sections; coping techniques and comfort measures basics; and writing a birth plan. Class time is 7 hours (including a lunch break). $295 per couple.

Postpartum + Baby Basics


This is your manual for early parenthood! Topics include newborn procedures, baby-wearing, safe sleep, postpartum topics, and baby comfort techniques to help you and your partner get off to a great start with your new baby. Class time is approximately 2.5-3 hours. $195 per couple.

Comfort Measures + Spinning Babies®️ Parent Class Duo

Learn the tools to help bring ease, relaxation and a centered approached to physiological childbirth.


Spinning Babies® Parent Class highlights your baby’s active role in birth, and reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor, make birth less painful, and even pleasurable!

Learn about Spinning Babies® Techniques:

  • Daily Essential Activities

  • The Three Balances℠ help birth muscles to relax and add comfort now to ease birth later

  • Birth Positions that open the pelvis that let the baby come through more easily

  • Bring your birth partner to learn how to help you in pregnancy for comfort in labor and birth.


Comfort Measures portion covers:

  • Normalizing childbirth pain

  • Building confidence

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques 

  • Mindfulness practices including affirmations

  • Creating optimal, safe environment

  • Positions and Movement

  • Becoming an outstanding birth partner

  • Back pain solutions

Class time is 2.5-3 hrs. $295/couple

Kristie Graybill's Classes

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