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Doulas are trained and certified to support mothers through each step of their parenthood journey, from planning to pregnancy, birth to recovery, into parenthood.

Becoming a Parent is a Big Deal!


Bringing life into the world is one of the most powerful responsibilities and experiences a person can have.


You shouldn't have to make that life changing journey all on your own.


Fortunately, there are Doulas in Maryland that can support, inform, and enhance your birth experience.


With a combined Doula experience of over 60 years and over 600 births, the team of Doulas at The Womb Room are ready to guide you on your birth journey. 

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Hire a Doula that People Love!

Our team of Doulas have dedicated their lives to supporting women when they need it most. They are certified, experienced, and bad ass. Here is some feedback they have received. Read more Womb Room Doula Reviews here.

"From beginning to end she was there for me and my family. As someone who struggles with anxiety, having that support throughout my pregnancy was critical."

"She was an amazing support during birth, helping me to navigate my options, and encouraging me to follow through on my wishes for a natural birth."

"During my breastfeeding journey I ran into a few obstacles that led me into a panic and I felt so lost and scared. She made herself available to me right away over the phone."

"She made sure to answer my questions, and even encouraged and comforted me as my pregnancy and labor progressed. 

Postpartum she has stayed in contact, checking on us and still available for help."

Doula from Maryland, In Person and Online: 

Through Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum.

The Womb Room is located in Baltimore, MD. Our team of Doulas in Maryland travel all around the state of Maryland, including to Towson, Annapolis, Columbia, Frederick, and as far as Washington, DC. 

These days most people prefer our Virtual Doula Services, and since it is totally remote. We can serve clients all around the country with Birth Planning, Pregnancy Support, and Birth Doula Support.

Read more below, Contact our Doulas to interview them, and Book a Doula here!

Birth Planning

Gain the peace of mind of walking through and designing your Birth Plan with a Professional Doula.

  • Pregnancy Check-in, Birth Planning Session, and Followup Session.

    195 US dollars
Pregnancy Support

​After designing your birth plan, keep connecting for support with your Doula. Check in before the big day.

Birth Doula Services:

​Doulas have always provided physical and emotional support to a woman in labor. It is their job to anticipate, to know about, and to communicate about your birthing needs.


Due to the health crisis, regulations are temporarily in place at some hospitals to not allow anyone but your partner for your birth. While this is lifting in some hospitals, some people still have a preference to keep their interactions to a minimum.

To address this need for remote support, we provide Virtual Doula Services. 

Doulas are able to attend home births, however, as well as some birthing centers, as long as masks are used and common social distancing and guidelines are respected.

In person birth doula services are available on a first come first serve basis. Contact our Doulas to discuss your preferences and options, and to book Doula interviews.

“Birth isn’t something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in.” — Sheila Kitzinger


Frequently Answered Questions about Doulas

What does the word Doula mean?

Doula comes from the Greek word: “woman’s servant.”


Throughout time and in societies around the world women have supported each other during birth.


Today, Doulas are hired professionally, who are often Certified and experienced with many childbirths and methods, or non-professionally, by asking a family member or friend to support you.

Uniquely, a Doula's purpose is to provide support and advocate entirely on behalf of a birthing person. She does not work for a hospital, midwife, or obstetrician. This "primacy of interest" means that she can be one of your closest allies through your birth.

What are the different types of Doulas?

The most common types of Doulas to help through your motherhood journey are Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas. Some postpartum Doulas that help you with child sleeping and feeding are referred to as Night Doulas.

What does a Birth Doula do?

A Birth Doula provides the following:


  • Emotional Support - offers companionship, solidarity, empathy, and sometimes support groups.

  • Mental Support - offers coaching, information, resources, perspectives, and mindsets to navigate your journey.

  • Physical Support - offers physical relief, support, and assistance during the birthing process, based on preferences.

  • Advocacy - assists Mothers to create birth plans, and helps to ensure that their interests are kept once labor starts.

What does a Postpartum Doula do?

Caring for a newborn is hard work! Whether it is all new to you, or you have other kids and just need a break, we're there. The Womb Room Doulas in Baltimore are equipped and eager to serve you by helping pick up where you've left off.  


Let us take the edge off by holding and caring for the baby or older siblings, cleaning up the home, running errands, or spending the night so you can get some much-needed rest.  Read more about our Postpartum Doula services here.

What is a Night Doula?

Sleep is so important, especially after you have had a new baby! A night doula is someone who comes to your home at night to take care of your baby so that you can sleep. That can include bottle feeding your baby for you or helping you breastfeed and safely do skin-to-skin if that is your goal while you rest. Night Doulas can also provide encouragement while you breastfeed, then burp, swaddle, and soothe your baby after so you can quickly go back to sleep.

What is the difference between a Doula and a Midwife?

Doulas are not medical professionals and do not perform medical tasks. They are trained to support, comfort, and help birthing people advocate for themselves during labor. 

Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) are at a minimum Master level (MSN) trained nurses (RNs). They are considered advanced practice registered nurses, who are additionally trained in women’s health, newborn health, and non-complicated births. They can serve as your primary provider both before and after you deliver, and can prescribe medicine as necessary.

The Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential is the only midwifery credential that requires the holder to demonstrate knowledge and have experience in providing midwifery services in out-of-hospital settings. Most CPMs work in their clients’ homes and in private birthing centers, providing care to women throughout their childbearing cycle. 

Do Doulas work in Hospitals?

Doulas work in hospitals, birthing centers, or home births! Or they can attend virtually through Online Doula Services!

Generally Doulas at The Womb Room have relationships with many of the midwives and birthing departments, and they seek to develop and improve those connections, in case it is a hospital birth, or a hospital transfer is necessary.

Is a Doula covered by insurance?

The Womb Room advocates for a world where all maternal medical and support costs are provided  by your healthcare.


However, unfortunately at this point, not so many insurance companies do. Some insurers and plans can cover Doulas, though, so be sure to call your insurance provider directly, and ensure if your particular plan covers doula services.

When to call your Doula?

When to call your doula normally depends on what you have discussed with them in your prenatal visit.


If you are planning on delivering at a hospital or birthing center, most doulas like to be called as soon as you think you are going into labor and when you are headed to the hospital or birthing center  -- unless you want them at your home sooner to support you. However, there is no wrong time to call your Doula. She will tell you if you need more time.


At The Womb Room, our Doulas provide constant text, call, or video chat support to you whenever you need it! 

Do you need to be Certified to be a Doula?

No, anyone could call themselves a Doula. However each Doula at The Womb Room is Certified, and highly experienced.


The first official doula certification program was created by the Doulas of North America or DONA. DONA requires a trainee to attend in-person classes, a 3-day training workshop, complete a list of required readings, and assist in a number of childbirths to gain experience and to earn a certification. As DONA has grown, other certification programs have emerged.


How do I find Doulas in Maryland?

Hire a Doula through The Womb Room!


We typically attend hospital, birth center, and home births. Or we can meet you virtually anywhere via Online Doula Services!

Can I use a Doula during a Pandemic?

Most hospitals are not yet allowing Doulas, or anyone else besides one's partner, back into birthing rooms. For these births we recommend Online Doula Services. If you are having a home birth, however, or you believe that restrictions will be lifted by the time you give birth, you can hire a Doula to join you physically. See our Doula services page for more details.


What if I have Questions?


We'd love to help you with them!


Our Doulas are all friendly, helpful, and motivated by supporting and serving women's needs. You can also interview them to determine which one is right for you.


Please reach us at Doulas@WombRoom.Mom!

How do I book Doula Services?

Book Online Doula Services below, or reach out to Doulas@WombRoom.Mom!


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