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Queer & Trans Parent Support Circle

with Ness Young

  • The Womb Room at the Keswick Castle

Class Description:

No family is immune to perinatal challenges. Queer & trans families are at an even higher risk for perinatal struggles for a variety of reasons, including discrimination, stigma, personal mental health history, possible issues with their family of origin, denial of parental rights, and more. Community support is crucial! This NEW support group is for queer & trans families, at any time within their reproductive path - fertility through parenthood. 🌈 We are currently meeting in-person at the Womb Room Studio, once per month. Babies and toddlers are welcome. We're looking forward to planting this seed and watching it grow! 🌱 ------- Ness Young, (they/them) is a Birth and Transition Doula, Yoga Instructor, and queer parent. They are the founder of the discord and in-person group Polyam Fams that centers queer, polyamorous families raising children. Ness is passionate about holding space as a container for folks to be heard, validated, and seen. Ness' background is in music (harp), yoga, birthwork, and cultivating queer community spaces. They live with their two life partners, three neurosparkly kids, and two chaotic rescue dogs. Their favorite adventures often include time in nature with an unschooling co-op, hiking, camping, rollerskating, anything artsy, and can often be found at the library, expanding their world via books and activities.

Upcoming Sessions

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