Education is Empowerment 

Childbirth Classes in Baltimore


Becoming a Parent is full of unknowns. 

Imagine coming into it feeling prepared, confident, and empowered.

Having a positive birth experience comes from understanding the phases of labor and how to work with them.

Join our breastfeeding, parenting, and childbirth classes in Baltimore at The Womb Room and become empowered to have the type of birth and Mothering experience you've always desired. 

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Benefits of Birthing Classes:

  • Research shows that people who take childbirth classes are better prepared for labor and delivery, and are less likely to experience psychological distress during or after birth.

  • Increase confidence in birth.

  • Learn your options for where and how to give birth, and your support options.

  • Create a Birth Plan that represents your values and preferences.

  • Receive resources

  • Meet other soon-to-be parents.

Childbirth Classes in Baltimore:

Home Birth + Birth Center Class

If you are planning to have your baby at home or at a freestanding birth center, this class will give you the nuts and bolts of labor. Learn what happens before, during, and after birth, as well as variations of labor and birth videos of out-of-hospital births. While comfort measures and relaxation are taught in this class series, the “Comfort Measures: Amazing Coping Strategies for Labor” workshop compliments this childbirth class nicely.  This class is 2.5 hours in length each session with a total of 4 sessions. Detailed workbook included. $395 per person or couple.

Comfort Measures


This workshop is designed to help both partners build confidence for the big day. You will take in lots of relaxation, comfort measures, massage, imagery for labor, as well as communication skills for labor. This workshop does not replace a childbirth education course. The beautiful workbook that comes with this workshop is one you will want to spend time with for the duration of the pregnancy. Class time approximately 2.5-3 hours. $195 per person or couple.

Holistic Childbirth Class

This 6-week class will: provide you with the tools and information you need to understand the process of labor and birth, teach you relaxation techniques for increasing comfort in labor, and help you understand hospital procedures and medication options.


Whether you’re hoping for an unmedicated birth or are looking forward to an epidural, planning for a c-section or hoping for a VBAC, this class will leave you feeling empowered and prepared to navigate your baby’s special birth-day! $395 per couple.

Postpartum Preparation:

Baby Basics


This is your manual for early parenthood! Topics include breastfeeding (3.5 hour video course included), newborn procedures, baby-wearing, safe sleep, postpartum topics, and baby comfort techniques to help you and your partner get off to a great start with your new baby. Class time is approximately 2.5-3 hours. $195 per person or couple.

Breastfeeding Basics

Start with the basics and join us as you learn what you need to know to get breastfeeding off to the very best start. You'll be prepared with the knowledge you need to help your baby latch, to know that breastfeeding is going well, and some tips and tricks to get you through the rough patches. You and your baby deserve to be prepared. This class is taught by local International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Katy Linda. Class time is 2 hours. $95 per person or couple.

Parenthood Workshops:

Infant Massage


Build confidence and bond with your baby through this special introductory 90-minute class. Infant massage classes guide parents and child care providers through simple and effective massage therapy techniques. Learn how to create your own full body massage routine, and specific techniques for treating common conditions like gas, teething and congestion. Suitable for all pre-crawlers aged newborn through 6 months. Class is $45 per person or couple.

Sleep Progressions, Not Regressions

If you are expecting or have a baby under 12 months old, you've likely heard horror stories about baby's regressing in their sleep development. Don't let these dreaded regressions scare you! Instead, learn why this concept is a myth and why sleep changes so much in the first 2 years of life. This 90-minute class will teach you how to identify and manage shifts in sleep, to ensure optimal development and sleep for baby and parents. Class is $45 per person or couple.

Sibling Transitions


Sharing your parents is one of the toughest experiences of childhood, regardless of how old your child is when you add a new baby. Understand the sibling wound and how to help your child manage the transition in this 90-minute class. Class is $45 per person or couple.

Getting to the Root of the Behavior


Is your child's behavior pushing ALL your buttons? This 90-minute class is perfect for parents with kids between 1-10 years old who are concerned with "problem" behaviors such as resisting limits or your support efforts; clinginess, reactivity, inflexibility, or being "extra" sensitive; or struggling to meet expectations, focus, or learn necessary skills. You'll learn why development impacts behavior and understand how those undesired actions communicates important information. Finally, we'll focus on concrete tools you can use to meet your child where they are--boosting their capacity for learning and cooperation. $45 per person or couple.

Bedtime Games


Do you dread bedtime because it's wrought with stalling, whining, crying, clinginess? If your child resists bedtime or needs you to stay with them until they fall asleep, this 90-minute class is perfect for you. Bring your child (1-4 years old) to learn interactive games you can play together at bedtime to boost connection and emotional intelligence skills, ensuring children are relaxed and ready for bed without all the drama! $45 per person or couple.

Emotionally Responsive Parenting in a Pandemic

What is Responsive Parenting?

Have you noticed that being stuck at home has brought increased power struggles, clinginess, emotional reactivity, and bedtime challenges?

Emotionally Responsive Parenting is being in tune with your child's emotional and physical needs, and meeting them where they are, instead of being reactive to their emotional expressions.

Learn what's going on with our kids, and why their behavior requires our empathy and help with regulation.

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