Free Prenatal Yoga Online

Free Prenatal Yoga classes from The Womb Room focus on enhancing comfort, building strength & endurance, relieving stress, easing aching hips and back, and building skills for labor and birth. 


This is a completely FREE 1 hour weekly class that takes place each Thursday at 7pm EST. Tune in LIVE on our Facebook or Youtube, or register below to participate in the class by joining us on Zoom.


There are no check-ins or recordings sent out, as in the Yoga Series, which are featured below. Please feel encouraged to invite your friends and social networks. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy!

Instructed by Katlyn Talerico

"My goal as a prenatal yoga teacher is to empower students to discover and cultivate their deep sense of inner knowing, and to connect with others during the creative transformation of pregnancy." Katlyn has been practicing yoga since 2010, but deepened her personal practice upon becoming pregnant in 2017.

Katlyn Talerico

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This 6-week Prenatal Yoga Series focuses on enhancing comfort, building strength & endurance, relieving stress, easing aching hips and back, and building skills for labor, birth and parenting.


Each session includes a check-in for community building and mutual support in virtual classes, with community connection, support and encouragement within the Womb Room Community FB Group.


Recordings of classes provided in case you have to miss a class, and to allow for revisiting in your own time. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy.

Instructed by Brielle Weber

"I teach with an emphasis on learning to listen to what your body needs in each pose and focusing on an easy, steady breath. I have been practicing yoga since 2010, became a doula in 2019 and now work as a Nurse at Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Health, while teaching yoga on the side." 

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga may include:

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Improve confidence

  • Decrease aches & pains

  • Increase flexibility

  • Learn breathing techniques

  • Prepare your body for labor

  • Community Support

This 6-week Postnatal Yoga Series is a gentle practice for those getting back into yoga after having a baby, focused on healing and repairing the body and mind from pregnancy and childbirth.


Series cohorts will connect those post-pregnancy with weekly check-ins and yoga flows, encouragement, resources and support throughout the week, and connection in The Womb Room facebook group. Appropriate for those cleared for post-birth exercise and beyond! 

Instructed by Angie Gentile

"My classes are layered with an artful appreciation of the natural world, the phases of the moon, the seasons, and health coaching tools. We will practice together with a meditative awareness rooted in functional movement. I love nature walks, matcha, watercolor paints, frugal self care, and being a mom (my favorite thing)."

Yoga, like parenting,

requires focus, flexibility,

& commitment to calm.