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Emily Tayler

Prenatal Yoga Instructor

"I believe helping people feel good within their bodies and mind is my calling."

No matter what chapter people are in life, Emily Tayler wants to help guide them to a peaceful state with yoga, breathwork and meditation.

Emily wishes to guide mothers-to-be in their changing bodies and minds to ease discomfort but also to feel confident within the knowledge of their bodies to prepare for birth and labor. Her prenatal classes focus on preparing the body and mind for labor and the birthing process, to help tone the body and destress the mama yogi.

Emily teaches poses safe for the pregnant and postnatal body, meant to reduce discomfort and to aid with mental and physical healing. This is also a welcome space to connect with and to share resources with other mothers.


"I do this work because yoga helped me through my hardest times in life and I believe it is almost a therapy that can ease troubles or help one see the world through brighter eyes."


Emily specializes in fluid motions/asanas along with breathwork that helps in everyday life. She enjoys sharing meditations and mantras in each of her classes. She has been told that her classes help with bringing awareness into the body and to calm the mind through the breathwork and mantras.


"It means everything to hear after teaching a prenatal class that mothers feel better with discomforts they were feeling."

Emily found yoga in her early 20’s traveling the country while working in the film industry. Yoga helped her center and destress while traveling around the country for work. Suffering from breathing difficulties, Emily found yoga as a means to end late night rushes to the hospital. Through heated yoga she has found stable breathing and her true self. Yoga is her therapy. It has helped her through health troubles, grief and many more life experiences.


Emily Tayler is a yoga instructor and traveling photographer who was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Her work has been printed in multiple publications including Harper's Magazine, Esquire Russia, This Very Instant, Float Photo, and has been exhibited in Australia, London, Cleveland, DC, and New York. She loves yoga, travel, photography, cats, coffee, tea, film, books, RadioLab, National Geographic, Ologies, and Patti Smith.


  • Hatha Power Yoga Certification (200 Hr)

  • Prenatal Yoga Certification (85 Hr)

  • Postnatal Yoga Training (current)


"Emily's classes always have me feeling well charged and feeling good in my body and mind. "~ Rich


"Her tone of voice during class and meditation is so calming and peaceful." ~ Jessica

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Contact Emily Tayler

Contact me at Support@WombRoom.Mom.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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