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Led by Claire Sandberg, MD

Starting May 29th, 2020

Led by Guest Yoga Instructor:

Shira Cavalieri

Class to be filmed for use of

Harvard Program for Refugee Trauma and Global Mental Health

Sunday, March 1, 2020


Relaxing Restorative poses and breath work while participants receive Reiki healing and a sound bath. 


Led by Yoga Instructor,

Certified Sound Healer, & Reiki Master, Johanna Olivas 

February 23, 4:30-6:30pm


"As many today, I became pregnant for the first time while living far away from family and friends. This felt lonely and I worried – how would I find my village? I could never have known how the classes offered at The Womb Room would end up providing this sense of belonging and community for me." 

- Laure-Hélène


"I’m so grateful I was able to make The Womb Room a part of my pregnancy. I loved connecting with others mamas-to-be, and I learned a ton from the instructors. I can’t imagine going through pregnancy without it. I’ll definitely be back for postpartum yoga!"

- Danielle K.


 "I love The Womb Room! Clean, beautiful, open space with phenomenal instructors, an outstanding variety of class offerings, and an unyielding dedication to the community and its people."

- Caitlyn D.

Meet The Womb Room Team

Brielle Weber.JPG

Yoga Instructor

& Birth Doula


Yoga Instructor

Kristie Graybill.jpeg

Childbirth Educator


HypnoBirthing Instructor

Karen Kindig, LCSW-C.jpg

Mental Health Therapist,


Sheena Hill

Responsive Parenting and Holistic Sleep Coach

Keauna Tibbs

Postpartum Doula

Community for Moms

Having a child is the single most challenging, yet rewarding, thing you will ever do. No one should have to brave that journey alone.

You can do hard things. The Womb Room in Baltimore is here to help.


You can read more about us, check the schedule, or contact us!


Prepare for the greatest journey you'll ever take.

Preparation workshops and mental health support to help your family from the start.


Nurture your mind and body for birth.

Design a birth plan in Childhood Education, stretch in Prenatal Yoga, and find Doula support.


Community and support to find your rhythm.​

Lactation support, pospartum doulas, therapy and support groups, and Baby + Me Yoga.​

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