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How to Prepare for VBAC: Embrace the Journey Ahead

Taking Charge of Your Subsequent Pregnancy

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Navigating the VBAC Journey

For many individuals, the desire to have a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) presents both hope and apprehension. Our “VBAC Essentials” course is designed specifically to guide you through this unique journey.


Here, we merge evidence-based practices with experienced educators to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what the virginal birth process entails.


This class isn’t just about facts—it’s about preparing both mentally and physically for your upcoming birth experience, ensuring you and your partner are well-informed, confident, and ready for this significant life event.


Benefits of VBAC Classes

Pregnancy journeys are unique, and for those considering or preparing for a VBAC, the journey comes with its own set of concerns, hopes, and questions. And yes, the idea of a virginal delivery can be scary. There are risks, like uterine rupture, or perhaps an issue you had with a previous natural birth. Maybe you're unsure whether a cesarean or repeat cesarean birth is right for you, or what it takes to have a successful virginal delivery.

Of course, you have a lot of questions, but we're here to make the process simple while keeping you in control. A successful VBAC is entirely possible with the right mindset and understand of what the journey holds.


Our course seeks to address any concerns or queries you may have by not only equipping you with essential knowledge but also by providing a supportive community.


Here's why delving deep into how to prepare for VBAC with us is an investment in your childbirth experience:

Evidence-Based Approach

With a myriad of information available, knowing what's accurate is crucial. Our course is grounded in the latest research, ensuring you're basing your decisions on facts, not myths. Making informed choices about VBAC sets the stage for a positive birth experience.

We can even help with more niche deliveries, like having a vaginal birth after cesarean births, dealing with complications from a previous pregnancy, and creating a birth plan that fits you.

Personal Empowerment & Advocacy

Understand your rights, choices, and how to advocate for the birth experience you desire. Our educators emphasize empowerment, ensuring you and your partner feel heard and respected in your birthing decisions.

When it comes to giving birth, we know that things can get overwhelming. Medical intervention is sometimes required, and spontaneous labor is a possibility. 

Don't let anything surprise you and instead feel empowered with what you need to know.

Comprehensive Understanding

From processing your previous birth experience to understanding potential medical interventions, this course covers it all. It's not just about the “how” but also about the “why,” ensuring you comprehend each aspect of your VBAC journey.

And you won't just learn about the process. You'll learn about how to increase and strengthen your pelvic floor, how to use pain relief effectively, what metrics to use, like the baby's heart rate, how to set and work around a due date, and how to deal with potentially life threatening emergencies.

In short, you're set up for success.

Meet our Instructor


Sandy Birmingham

Yoga Instructor, Doula

Andrew Shimmer has 15-year experience in IT development and marketing. He has already successfully run companies specializing in innovative technologies.


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FAQs about How to Prepare for VBAC

Why Choose The Womb Room

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Our mission at The Womb Room is to help families and birthing people to access the care that they deserve! Navigating birth and parenting requires trusted information, and support from professionals and your community.