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Black Maternal Health Gala

Black women in America are three times more likely to die giving birth than white women due to inherent biases and other systemic causes. Research shows that birth doulas help improve birth outcomes. By reducing the need for medical interventions such as c-section births, doulas help mitigate the potentially severe complications associated with risky interventions.

For that reason, we started a fund to afford families of color in our community with full-spectrum, community-based doula care! We wanted to take a moment to share about our Black Maternal Health Gala we held in January, which raised $1300 to put in our fund!

Local authors Claire Taylor and Annie Powell Stone shared a selection of poetry about parenthood, mental health, and the ways our lives are shaped and changed by the places and people we call home. Their poetry had us in tears both from laughter and feeling acutely understood.

They sold their chapbooks and donated 50% of the sales towards our Black Maternal Health Fund!

We had a very fun and eclectic silent auction featuring high ticket items like original art works from local artists to healing sessions from local practitioners. All proceeds from the auction went into our fund.

A delicious spread of food was graciously donated by Mera Kitchen Collective! AND the leftovers feed two hungry families after the event ended!

Our goal is to help improve birth outcomes for families of color, one birth at a time. If you would like to contribute our fund, visit this link!

Here is a message from our last recipient of the fund:

"My experience with the womb room in 2023 was nothing short of amazing. My doula was Ashley.


I couldn’t have done it without her.

I had to be induced because of preeclampsia that she assisted me with catching and speaking up about. I had my son NATURAL UNMEDICATED (yes, during an induction) and she was there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. She took notes every hour. The conversations we had with the nurses and doctors were also documented and now I have a play by play to read. I really wish I had Ashley with my previous births. She’s my Angel on earth. Truly Heaven sent. Ashley  is truly walking in her purpose! I also had the pleasure of having my placenta encapsulated by Kristie. What an experience. She came into my home a few days after giving birth and her first question to me was “How are you feeling” I felt really cared about and excited to have her. She allowed my children to help with the experience and they loved having her. I would truly recommend The Womb Room to any family that’s welcoming their baby."


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