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Clare Donofrio


Perinatal Mental Health Therapist

"I believe that comprehensive mental health support should be the standard of care for all birthing people and new famlies. "

Certifications & Experience

  • Certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-C) from University of Maryland

  • Full-Spectrum Doula Certification

  • Co-Founder of Baltimore Doula Project

About Clare Donofrio

Perinatal Mental Health Therapist

Clare Donofrio is passionate about supporting clients through pregnancy loss, pregnancy ambivalence, and the process of trying to conceive."

While pregnancy and family building can be full of joys, it also includes losses both big and small. Whether it's recovering from a traumatic birth or pregnancy, making sense of new anxiety or depression symptoms, or navigating struggles with identity changes or partnership dynamics, Clare's goal is to help new parents follow their intuition to feel confident and comfortable in parenthood.

Clare Donofrio is passionate about working to fill the gaps in our maternal health support network. Too often families are left without the care and resources they need to navigate this major life event and transition to parenthood in a way that feels good.

Clare is excited about the potential for validation and healing in the therapeutic process. She enjoys incorporating somatic experiencing and parts work into her work as a therapist, and empowering her clients to identify and recognize their own strengths and needs.

"My own reproductive health and pregnancy experiences inspired me to become a perinatal therapist. I know what it is like to be a pregnant person seeking support, and experience disappointment and disillusionment with our health care and social support systems."

Clare Donofrio is passionate about supporting clients through pregnancy loss, pregnancy ambivalence, and the process of trying to conceive."

Clare is committed to decolonization and anti-racism both in her professional practice and in her personal life as a parent and Baltimore resident. She is queer-allied and loves working with queer, trans, and gender non-conforming families.

Clare Donofrio first trained as a full spectrum doula in 2014, and went on to co-found the Baltimore Doula Project, with the vision that every pregnant person in the Baltimore area should receive holistic and non-judgmental care throughout their pregnancies, regardless of the outcome. She went on to study social work and public health with a focus on maternal and child health disparities in the United States.

"All of my professional and personal experiences have fortified my respect and admiration for the strength, wisdom, and resilience of birthing people."

For the past four years she has worked with expectant and new families in Baltimore City, focused on filling gaps in support networks via mental health support, psychoeducation, health education, and support group facilitation.

Clare is a native Baltimorean and lives in Baltimore City with her partner, baby, and cat. She loves to be outside in nature, travel, listen to music and podcasts, and watch reality TV.

She loves having the opportunity to connect with parents, and to connect new families to each other. Clare had the privilege of providing support to pregnant folks in many different environments: local hospitals and clinics, a Baltimore City elementary school and community center, and the Maryland state women's prison.

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