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Womens Support Group Baltimore 1

Mom Support Groups Near Me
in Baltimore

Social support groups for Moms and Families to grow, learn, heal, and play!

Womens Support Group Baltimore 2

Lactation & Feeding Circle

FREE IBCLC-led parent support groups to connect those with babies along

their lactation & feeding journeys.


Led by our Lactation Consultants, this group is a non-judgmental place to make friends with new parents, share struggles and triumphs, trouble-shoot, conduct weighted-feeds, and learn what to expect from your baby at various ages regarding feeding.



Monthly on Mondays at 5pm

Weekly on Tuesdays at 12:30pm

An 8-week therapeutic support group for those experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety in the early years of Parenthood.

Connecting with other moms or other parents on the shared experiences of life with a new baby is one of the most effective methods for improving perinatal mental health.

This Postpartum Support Group in Baltimore is led by The Womb Room Perinatal Mental Health Specialists. A great way to expand your support network and meet new friends.

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Pregnancy Support Circle

A weekly support group run by a Licensed Perinatal Therapist with local moms, providing a safe space to connect, and to discuss challenges and joys of bringing a baby into the world! 


This FREE moms club group currently meeting in-person

once per month.

Postpartum Support Circle

A FREE virtual support group connecting parents in early parenthood to build friendships, and exchange tips, support & encouragement!

This Doula-led group to support moms meets every Wednesday from 12-1p, and once monthly in the studio!

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Infertility Therapy Group

An 8-week therapeutic support group for those experiencing symptoms of adjustment, depression or anxiety related to the struggle with fertility.

Connect with others on the shared experiences of infertility, learn new coping techniques, self-advocacy, process difficult emotions and build community.

This Fertility Support Group in Baltimore is led by The Womb Room Perinatal Mental Health Specialists.

Register for Groups

Register here for FREE weekly Support Groups - Click on days of the week and arrows to navigate!

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of support groups are available at The Womb Room?

The Womb Room offers a variety of support groups, including:

Lactation & Feeding Circle: A free group for lactation and feeding support.

  • Afterglow Therapy Group: Therapeutic support for those experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety.

  • Pregnancy Support Circle: A space to discuss the challenges and joys of expecting a child.

  • Postpartum Support Circle: A free virtual group to connect new parents.


  • Infertility Therapy Group: Support for those dealing with fertility challenges.


When and where do these groups meet?

Groups meet on various days and times to accommodate different schedules and needs:


  • Lactation & Feeding Circle: Meets monthly on Mondays at 5 pm and weekly on Tuesdays at 12:30 pm.

  • Postpartum Support Circle: Convenes virtually every Wednesday from 12-1 pm and once monthly in-studio.

The schedule for other groups can be found by navigating the calendar on the website or by subscribing for group news updates.

How can I subscribe for updates on support groups?

You can subscribe for updates on groups by entering your email on The Womb Room’s website to receive the schedule of classes, workshops, groups, and special offers.


What is the Lactation & Feeding Circle?

The Lactation & Feeding Circle is a free IBCLC-led group designed to help those with babies on their lactation and feeding journeys.


It provides a non-judgmental space to make friends, share experiences, conduct weighted feeds, and learn about feeding expectations at various baby ages.


What is the Postpartum Support Circle?

It's a free virtual group led by a doula aimed at connecting parents in early parenthood to share tips, support, and encouragement, as well as to build friendships. It's an opportunity for new parents to feel less isolated and to discuss their experiences and challenges.


Who leads the Afterglow Therapy Group?

The Afterglow Therapy Group is led by The Womb Room Perinatal Mental Health Specialists. It is tailored for individuals experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety to find support and shared experiences in life with a new baby.


What issues are addressed in the Infertility Therapy Group?

This group focuses on the emotional aspects of infertility struggles. It helps participants connect with others facing similar challenges, learn new coping strategies, navigate self-advocacy, process difficult emotions, and build a community for support.


Is there any cost associated with the support groups?

The Lactation & Feeding Circle, Postpartum Support Circle, and Pregnancy Support Circle are currently free. For the Afterglow Therapy Group and the Infertility Therapy Group, which are therapeutic and may consist of a series of sessions, it is advisable to contact The Womb Room for pricing details.


Can I participate in a group if I am not from Baltimore?

While in-person sessions take place in Baltimore, The Womb Room offers virtual support for some groups, which might be accessible to individuals who are not local. Please contact The Womb Room for more details regarding virtual participation and eligibility.


How do I register for a support group?

You can register for the free weekly support groups by visiting The Womb Room's website and clicking on the days of the week to navigate the available sessions, or by contacting The Womb Room directly through email or phone.


How can I reach The Womb Room for more information?

For further details or support, The Womb Room can be contacted via email at Support@WombRoom.Mom, or by phone at 410-450-4600. You’re encouraged to reach out if you have more questions or would like to connect with their support networks.


What is the location of The Womb Room for in-person groups?

The Womb Room is located at 3355 Keswick Road, Suite 104, Baltimore, Maryland 21211. They welcome individuals to join and share their experiences in a safe and nurturing environment.


The Womb Room's commitment to nurturing and supporting women through all stages of motherhood is evident in the variety and inclusiveness of their support groups.


They encourage women to join the groups that best fit their needs, whether they're looking for guidance in lactation, support through the struggles of infertility, or shared experiences in postpartum adjustment.


Remember, seeking support is a sign of strength and an essential step toward personal wellbeing and family health.

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