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Postpartum Support Group

Navigating the Joys & Challenges of New Parenthood Together

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Join Our Baltimore Postpartum Support Group

Becoming a parent is one of the most transformative experiences one can undergo, filled with a mosaic of emotions, from overwhelming joy to unexpected challenges. As you navigate this new phase, it's essential to remember that you're not alone.


Our FREE peer-to-peer virtual and local support group bridges the gap between new parents, helping them connect, share, and learn from each other, overcoming postnatal depression and the challenges connected with this time.


Through this supportive environment, parents in their initial year of parenthood (and beyond) can find solace, emotional support, encouragement, and the joy of forming lasting friendships.

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4.9 Rating

Over 130 5 star Reviews 

4.9 Rating

Over 130 5 star Reviews 


Why Joining a Postpartum Support Group is Essential

In the whirlwind of joys, sleepless nights, postnatal depression, and the ever-changing dynamics of the postpartum phase, many new parents grapple with a spectrum of emotions, both from themselves and their family members. Even as they marvel at the miracle of life they've brought into the world, they can also find themselves wrestling with feelings of doubt, exhaustion, and even isolation. 


Joining a peer support group becomes an invaluable lifeline during such times. It's a space where parents can express their vulnerabilities, seek advice, or simply listen to stories that resonate deeply with their own experiences.


Being surrounded by a community that truly "gets it" fosters a sense of belonging, assuring parents that they are neither alone in their struggles, mental health well-being, nor their celebrations.


It’s not just about coping; it’s about thriving, understanding, and finding camaraderie in shared experiences.

Build Genuine Friendships

Connect with fellow parents who are also navigating the intricacies of new parenthood. These relationships often transform into long-lasting friendships, providing mutual support for years to come.

Being in a postnatal state, living with postnatal depression, managing health care providers, battling mental illness, and so much more can be a challenge. 

With the right team by your side, especially new mothers going through the same thing, you'll have the peer support to get you through anything.

Receive and Offer Encouragement

Every parent's journey is unique, yet there's a universal need for encouragement. Find reassurance in shared experiences, and uplift others with your own stories and insights.

We all know that problems can come in all shapes and sizes. From behavioral health of you, your child, or other children, symptoms of something you don't understand, members of your social circles causing your problems, or you're just missing out on the company of other moms who know what you're going through, we're here to help.

No Financial Burden

With our commitment to supporting new parents in every possible way, this peer-to-peer support group is entirely free, ensuring that everyone has access to this invaluable resource.

Join us and participate online via our virtual groups or in person, and chat about everything to do with pregnancy and post-pregnancy life.

We're here to both help relieve any suffering you, your friends or other members of your life are going through, or helping you thrive when it comes to dealing with medical problems or adjustment concerns.

Meet our Group Leaders


Sandy Birmingham

Yoga Instructor, Doula

Andrew Shimmer has 15-year experience in IT development and marketing. He has already successfully run companies specializing in innovative technologies.


Meet our Group Leaders


Makenna Wheeler, LMSW

Perinatal Mental Health Therapist

I have a passion for empowering parents and caregivers to cultivate healthier mental health statuses by using a holistic, person-centered approach. I have a desire to help families during this transitional time to parenthood.


Victoria Meehan

Postpartum Doula & Infant Sleep Coach

Victoria has been servicing postpartum families for the last 2.5 years. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education, and for over a decade taught in several Preschools throughout Howard county.


Megan McLaughlin, LCSW-C, PMH-C

Mental Health Therapist, Trauma Therapist

Whether you are looking for support, clarity, healing, or to "dig deep", Megan is ready to help you meet your goals.


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Subscribe to our Schedule to get updates on classes, helpful information, and invitations to groups and events. Whether you're living with postpartum depression, have other mental health or anxiety disorder concerns, have trouble with your healthcare provider, are part of military families, have personal preferences not being met, or more, we have everything you need to overcome your battles and thrive right here. 

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FAQs about Postpartum Support Groups

Why Choose The Womb Room

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Our mission at The Womb Room is to help families and birthing people to access the care that they deserve! Navigating birth and parenting requires trusted information, and support from professionals and your community. 

Here are some of the reasons why people choose The Womb Room to help on their journey.


Our team boasts years of hands-on experience, ensuring you receive the best guidance tailored to your unique needs.


Every instructor at The Womb Room undergoes rigorous training and certification, guaranteeing you're in safe, knowledgeable hands.


Over the years, we've built a strong reputation for excellence, thanks to countless glowing testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals.


We understand the intimate nature of maternal wellness, and we prioritize your comfort, security, and confidentiality in every interaction.


Our approach encompasses both the body and mind, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced wellness journey for you and your baby.


The Womb Room is a haven for all mothers. We celebrate diversity and ensure that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and supported.


Our programs are grounded in the latest scientific research, providing you with methods that are both effective and safe.


In person and online options, from free groups to complete packages. Accepting insurance, and offering payment plans.