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Yoga Retreat

Prenatal Yoga Retreat

Embrace, Explore, and Elevate Your Pregnancy Journey

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Why Join Our Prenatal Yoga Retreat?

Pregnancy is a transformative experience, a delicate blend of physical, emotional, and spiritual metamorphosis.


At The Womb Room, we understand that this transformation calls for support, introspection, and community.


Our Prenatal Yoga Retreat is an oasis for expectant mothers, offering a haven to delve deeper into the nuances of motherhood, foster connections, and uplift their spirit, preparing them for the beautiful chapters ahead.

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Upcoming Pregnancy Retreats

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Meet Your Yoga Teacher


Sandy Birmingham

Yoga Instructor, Doula

Andrew Shimmer has 15-year experience in IT development and marketing. He has already successfully run companies specializing in innovative technologies.


Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Retreats

Embrace a transformative experience tailored for your pregnancy journey at The Womb Room. Our Prenatal Yoga Retreat offers more than just poses: immerse in rituals for a harmonious postpartum, delve into holistic nourishment, your own transformative journey, and find space to reflect and release.

Connect with fellow expectant mothers, fortifying your support network. With targeted yoga practices and mindfulness techniques for both you and your baby, you'll be better equipped for pregnancy, labor, and beyond, leaving the retreat empowered and rejuvenated.

Holistic Nourishment

Delve into rituals that directly support pregnancy and postpartum, ensuring you feel nurtured, physically and emotionally.


The retreat is not just about yoga for pregnant women; it's about understanding your body's needs and addressing them with Ayurvedic care and holistic nourishment tailored for the stages of pregnancy and a deeper connection all around.

Building Community

Nothing compares to the strength drawn from a community that understands and shares your journey. Our retreat lets you connect with others on their pregnancy path, allowing the creation of bonds that last a lifetime and a village to rely on.

Immerse yourself in a retreat experience with like-minded people and enjoy a positive life-changing experience like no other.

Mental and Physical Strength

Pregnancy can be taxing, but with the right techniques, one can harness immense strength. Through tailored yoga sessions, expectant mothers will learn relaxation techniques to support their changing bodies, while mindfulness practices pave the way for a tranquil mind, equipping them for labor and the postpartum period.

FAQs about Prenatal Yoga Retreats

"I am in LOVE with this place!"

I signed up for the holistic package and am so pleased with my experience. My Saturday mornings are not the same unless I go to my prenatal yoga class. I feel so uplifted, supported and relieved.

- Haelly Kirk

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"This place is a gem."

 "I tried out prenatal yoga at the Womb Room in the beginning of my third trimester and quickly became a regular. Classes are perfectly paced, and it's such a calming, welcoming space." 

- Caitlyn McGough

"Such a source of joy for my family!"

Wake Up Wiggles has been such a source of joy for my family! I learned new techniques for imaginative play with my daughter and she had a blast. Also got some really great advice from Corinne after class that I was able to utilize immediately

- Mateo Marquez

Why Choose The Womb Room

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Our mission at The Womb Room is to help families and birthing people to access the care that they deserve! Navigating birth and parenting requires trusted information, and support from professionals and your community. 

Here are some of the reasons why people choose The Womb Room to help on their journey.


Our team boasts years of hands-on experience, ensuring you receive the best guidance tailored to your unique needs.


Every instructor at The Womb Room undergoes rigorous training and certification, guaranteeing you're in safe, knowledgeable hands.


Over the years, we've built a strong reputation for excellence, thanks to countless glowing testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals.


We understand the intimate nature of maternal wellness, and we prioritize your comfort, security, and confidentiality in every interaction.


Our approach encompasses both the body and mind, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced wellness journey for you and your baby.


The Womb Room is a haven for all mothers. We celebrate diversity and ensure that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and supported.


Our programs are grounded in the latest scientific research, providing you with methods that are both effective and safe.


In person and online options, from free groups to complete packages. Accepting insurance, and offering payment plans.

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Certified Yoga Instructors

Our Yoga Professionals are extensively trained, certified, and experienced to lead you and your class through safe, soothing, enriching yoga experiences to deepen your connection to your self and your baby.