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Anxiety keeps us from being the parent we strive
to be

Work with an Anxiety Therapist in Baltimore


Learn to cope with an experienced maternal and postpartum Anxiety Therapist in individual or group sessions.

​Bringing a child into the world is a life experience many of us have imagined throughout our lives.  All parents want to feel like they are doing a good job, but how can we if we're living in constant doubt?  If we are always revved up, or waiting for the next shoe to drop? How do we make everyday decisions, and allow our little ones the freedom to explore life so they can adequately develop their own confidence to navigate the world?

Parenthood, and life, for that matter, always involves uncertainty. Finding healthy strategies and habits that help us to more effectively accept what we can and cannot control can be the key to becoming the parents we strive to be.

The Effects of Anxiety

Are you experiencing these common Anxiety symptoms?


While everyone has been affected by the current global pandemic crisis, each individual’s experience is unique. Having a space to talk through these experiences can help to decrease the overall impact of the stress that has been caused.


Anxiety can appear in some of these ways:

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Fear and worry about your health or your loved ones

  • Uncertainty about your financial situation or job security

  • Increase or decrease in appetite 

  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing

  • Increased sadness 

  • Crying frequently

  • Worsening of mental health conditions

  • Increase or decrease in energy or activity levels

  • Increased irritability 

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Feelings of isolation

  • Restlessness

  • Inability to feel pleasure or have fun

Strategies to Cope with Anxiety

How can you handle persistent Anxious feelings, thoughts, and behaviors?

It may seem strange to hear, but a little anxiety is actually a good thing! Fear is an adaptive tool our brain uses to keep us from doing things that put our lives (and the lives of those we are caring for) at risk.  The problem occurs when anxiety is over-applied and becomes maladaptive, as it gets in the way of our daily functioning and our ability to experience joy.


Here are constructive ways to process and cope with your anxiety:

  • Don't go it alone! - We were not meant to parent without support. Whether you can use those you already know or need to get out to meet new people in the community or Support Groups, having allies in your parenthood journey is one of the most effective ways to gain confidence and cope with worries.

  • Make time for you - Being a Parent does not mean that you no longer have your own needs, in fact quite the opposite! This is a marathon, not a sprint. Having a regular, scheduled self-care practice is crucial!

  • Practice Mindfulness - Yoga, meditation & other mindfulness techniques are proven tools for coping with the uncertainties of parenthood, as we learn to spend more time in the present moment, rather than focusing on all the "what-ifs".

  • Commit to your Education - Having an understanding of our inner-world can provide the basis for insight that can be crucial in the effort to remain present for ourselves and our loved ones.

  • Meet with an Anxiety Therapist - from our experienced team online and in Baltimore, MD. Schedule below.

  • Join our Anxiety Support Groups - in Baltimore, or the Afterglow: Postpartum Anxiety & Depression group.

Anxiety Support Groups in Baltimore Maryland

Equilibrium: A Mindfulness-Based Anxiety Therapy Group

Groups are an incredible, proven tool for healing, especially during times of social isolation. Growth occurs when we realize our experience is not so different from that of others, receive validation and understanding from our peers, develop connection and learn new skills.


Research has shown that mindfulness strategies reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, decrease emotional reactivity, and enhance self-insight that is necessary to experience parenthood in the way we all hoped for. 

Connect with other parents and parents-to-be while learning to apply mindfulness-based strategies for managing uncertainty, stress and fear, grief and loss, and navigating self-care, and start redirecting your energy toward things you CAN control!  

  • Group meets once weekly for 6 weeks - now remotely!

  • Facilitated by Dr. Lyneia Richardson, Licensed Psychologist.

  • Topics include: Dealing with uncertainty, managing stress and anxiety, self-care, coping skills, mindfulness, etc.

  • Weekly reflection assignments, and additional resources provided.

  • Cost is $240 for all 6 sessions.

  • Dr. Richardson is Out-of-Network for insurance, though many clients are able to submit receipts to their insurance companies for reimbursement. Reach out to your insurance company and provide the billing code 90853 for details.

  • This group is designed for those of all genders at any stage along the journey of reproduction.

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Meet with an Anxiety Therapist in Baltimore:

Individual Therapy


Meet one-on-one with a licensed psychotherapist in a safe and confidential space to explore your feelings, behaviors and beliefs associated with your specific life experiences. All of our therapists are specialists in the area of Maternal Mental Health and are trained to provide support in the areas of the reproductive life cycle. Common struggles include: depression, anxiety, OCD, co-parenting concerns, ambivalence, identify shift, isolation, anger, guilt, shame, self-esteem, body struggles, etc.

Group Therapy


Therapy provided in a group setting to share experiences and connect with others while gaining validation, tools and techniques for recovery. See our Groups for options!

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