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Marissa Lanterman


Postpartum Doula

"I provide inclusive care to people of all experiences, identities, bodies, and backgrounds. My love language is acts of service, and I love helping people realize their dream of building a thriving family. "

Certifications & Experience

  • Full Spectrum Maternal Support Practitioner Certification via Bebo Mia

  • Red Cross Infant, Pediatric, and Adult First Aid and CPR Certified

  • Trained in Gender-Affirming Birthwork with Moss the Doula

About Marissa Lanterman

Postpartum Doula

Marissa's goal as a birth worker is to nurture you through this transitional period of life with empathy, specialized training, and experience.

Marissa Lanterman is certifying as a full-spectrum gestational support practitioner. She has a long history of caregiving for families, and it’s through this that she discovered Doula work. From then on she has sought out resources and trainings for her and her clients that aligns with her values of anti-racism, inclusive care, reproductive justice, and bodily autonomy.

"I love working with LGBTQIA+ families and first-time parents. As a queer person, I deeply understand the joys, challenges, and outright roadblocks that we face in family building."

Marissa specializes in helping people build confidence in their bodies, babies, and abilities as parents. My goal as your doula is to hold space for you to process your experiences, and facilitate a peaceful, healing and bonding environment in the postpartum home.

Her approach to infant care is based on RIE and her own person experiences with Montessori. She enjoys helping parents to connect and bond with their infants through methods that encourage connection and mutual respect.

Marissa lives in Hampden, Baltimore with her wife and cat. They hope to welcome a new little person into thier awesome family and community soon! Marissa moved to Baltimore in 2006 to attend MICA. When she's not working, you can find her reading in in the backyard hammock, lifting weights at MissionFit, or in her kitchen cooking up something delicious.

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Client Experiences

Marissa's Doula Services

Birth Doula

Personalized support for your birthing journey. Experience a holistic approach to childbirth with expert doula care.

Postpartum Doula

Expert postpartum doula support designed to provide you with the care and knowledge to thrive during the postpartum period.

Holistic Support

Holistic doula support that covers all aspects of your birthing journey, integrating emotional, physical, and mental care.

Connect with Marissa Lanterman

The Womb Room team is dedicated to supporting you and your family. Get in touch or book Marissa below!

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